An Apology to my Cat

Dearest Xena,

My fluffy baby kitty, I am sorry, but I have introduced chaos into your life. I have given you not one, but two screaming siblings.

When you first came home with me, it was just us: you, me, dad, and sister hamster. It was quiet and you got plenty of attention, treats, and petting time. You were our little baby.

We didn’t tell you you would be an older sister. We didn’t know we probably should have.

You knew before we did that something was happening, but you had no idea what changes would come with it.

My beautiful, usually graceful kitty. You patiently went through our move from Maryland to Philadelphia. You weathered a 2 week vacation to Southern California extremely well. You eventually noticed my lap was getting smaller and adjusted accordingly.

But nothing could have really prepared you for a screaming child.

One day I disappeared for 3 days and your grandma came to stay with you. Then I can back, but wasn’t the same. However, there was not yet a screaming child. Your brother had to stay in the hospital a few more days.

Then it happened. Your quiet existence was shattered with the homecoming of this small, wriggly human. There was curiosity (thought I didn’t see it, did you?), but you didn’t let this squirmy thing get in your way. You just napped next to me instead of on my lap.

For a few months, things were quiet. You weathered our move to Southern California extremely well and loved all the sun. But this babbling little human was starting to look at you. I know you were confused, but carried on, even napping beside him. I have proof, pretty kitty.

Then he got older, started crawling and walking, and he finally discovered you! Moment of truth. Would you get along?

Nope. He screamed right in your face. I’m sorry, my precious cat. Not only was this small child who stole me from you screaming in your face every day, but he also started going for your tail!

I know, I know, my little kitty, your world was turned upside down. And just when you figured out how to live with him, we introduced you to your sister!

I know you were not pleased. You made that abundantly clear while I was pregnant. But she only tries to pet you and you seem so much more patient and tolerant. Maybe you just need a sister.

But no matter what, my fluffy kitty, you are my first baby. I promise my lap will be yours again soon. And, one day, you and your siblings will figure it out. In the meantime, I still love you, my precious cat.




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