And time stood still

On that quiet, lonely hill
Under the bright, starry night
So peaceful and calm
And time stood still.
The sun set in the West
Waves crashing on the shore
So peaceful and inspirational
And time stood still.
In the middle of a crowd
Children screaming
Music blaring
So loud, yet unheard
And time stood still.
On a busy sidewalk
Christmas Eve in New York
Faint stars overhead
Just stand and look up
The crowd rushing by
Unnoticed by the standing figure
And time stood still.
Under a willow tree
Moon shining bright
Stars twinkling
So quiet and peaceful
And time stood still.
The hill, the beach,
The crowded fair,
The sidewalk in New York,
Under the willow
All these places
We are there
In mind, heart, and spirit
Under a starry, evening sky.
Different seasons
Different times
Yet we are there
In mind, heart, and spirit
And time stood still.


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