August Kicked Me In The Tushie

If you’ve been reading along all month, you’ll know we had plenty of downs, which has, of course, affected this blog.

August greeted my family with the passing of an uncle, and my grandmother followed a few days later. For about 3 weeks, we were at the hospital, going to viewings, attending funerals, and having family gatherings. At the same time, my husband’s workload seemed to double, which meant plenty of late nights and some early mornings. On the heels of this, my son started his playschool program and, while he seems to be having fun, I miss him terribly and wish I had one more calm week before he started. And, of course, my drama queen daughter was not to be outdone! Two weeks ago, she decided sleep was overrated, which meant I got to spend half of the night up with her almost every night, watching her play and laugh and run after the cat.

It’s been an emotionally draining, exhausting month, but good news did start coming in last week. Blogging has been a struggle for The Husband and me. The Husband hasn’t posted in 3 weeks, and hasn’t really done anything blog related. And I have been struggling to find the will to write. I’m glad I decided to stop with the branding and trying to make this into something. The pressure has vanished and I can’t tell you just how free I feel (Brooke, I’ll run through a field of daffodils with you any time!). But while I’ve managed to publish posts on time, I have not been so timely with replying to comments. I sincerely apologize for taking so long to respond and, if I haven’t already done so, I will be soon. As I said, this month has kicked me in the tushie. I very much value your comments and deeply thank you for them.

That being said, now that things are settling down, I plan on using this week to catch up with comments and to write. There will be a chapter of Gates to Asphodel on Wednesday, but I’m not promising anything on Friday or Saturday.

Thank you so much for reading! You’re all perfectly wonderful!

  1. OneLife

    Life is bittersweet with it’s share of ups and downs and we all have been there. I feel the readers who connect with you do understand. For a beginner like me it has always been

    • kat

      Very true! Life certainly wouldn’t be life without the roller coaster ride. I am very fortunate to have such wonderful readers and really can’t express my appreciation more. I sincerely appreciate your loyal readership, and even that can’t fully express just how grateful i am.

  2. Kelsi Toczek

    I’m very sorry for your losses, and all of the hardships over the last month. It seems tragedies always come in groups. Sending all the good vibes for a great month in September.

  3. thelonelyauthorblog

    Loss is the worst part of this wonderful thing called life. So sorry for your loss and pain.
    The inspiration to write will return. Give it time.
    Wish you and your husband the best. Hopefully, September brings you every thing you dream of.

    • kat

      Thank you so much for your kind words! We’re slowly getting back into the swing of things. Definitely looking forward to a hopefully happier September.

  4. ourlittleredhouseblog

    So sad to hear about your losses. I hope everything gets better from here on out. August is my least favorite month in our city because it gets so warm here in Phoenix and sometimes it seems people get mean and crime goes up. I too have been taking breaks here and there in August and my kids have pre scheduled some posts ahead of time so I can take these two month breaks and still have posts now and then but not my regular types. I love crafting but haven’t had time to do a lot lately. I am definitely looking forward to the fall and holiday seasons coming up. Hope you and your family only have good days from this moment on.

    • kat

      Thank you so much! August is certainly full of downs. It’s also very warm for us in Southern California and we’re often faced with multiple wildfires. It’s a sad month full of loss and uncertainty and is definitely a good month for a break. It’s good that the holidays are right around the corner as they bring smiles, joy, and fresh ideas. I love your crafting posts and hope you’re able to get back into it soon. Wishing you cooler weather soon, though the forecasts don’t seem too optimistic.

  5. coffeepjsmom

    Things happen. Sometimes you just can’t do what you would like to do. I always love when you comment or reply to my comment, but know I completely understand when you can’t. I sometimes get behind too and I haven’t had as hard of a month as you have been through. Just know that as for myself I never worry or become upset when you don’t reply. Moms are busy and sometimes stuff happens! 🙂

    • kat

      Very true. Life has a way of becoming overly complicated and busy, so being kind to ourselves is important. Thank you so much for your kind words! Sometimes I just need a reminder that it’s okay to not be in top of everything because everyone is busy and, gosh, I can’t even remember all the posts I leave comments on, so it’s likely people don’t even remember leaving me a comment.

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