Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

At my daughter’s 6 month doctor appointment, her pediatrician gave me a baffled look. I had one kid. Did I not know what I was talking about?

“How is everything going?”

“She’s been trying to crawl for the past few weeks.”

The pediatrician laughed. Then, a few minutes later:

“How is tummy time going?”

“She hates it.”

She gave me that baffled look and explained tummy time is important when it comes to crawling. The baby had to be on her tummy and able to push up.

Yes, I know. I have a 3 year old!

A little later:

The pediatrician put my daughter on her tummy. My good little girl was screaming and crying, but immediately went up on her hands and knees and started rocking back and forth.

“Oh, I see,” was all the pediatrician said.

Yes, my little girl wanted to crawl at 5 months. She did at 6 months, the day after Thanksgiving. A few days later, she tried cruising and went a couple of steps clinging to the couch. She’s been pulling herself up since 6 months. We were expecting this.

Little girl, don’t grow up too fast. I know you see your brother walking and running, but today you are only 8 months old. I am not ready for you to start walking.

6 months really is on the early side of crawling, but she is eager to go. My younger brother started walking at 9 months because he saw me walking around. Will my daughter be the same?

I hope not. I love carrying her around. Everywhere. My husband sometimes has to coerce me to give her to him. I can help it. This little bundle is my last baby. After 2 preterm babies, I am done.

So, please, little girl, I know you want to be on the go and get there by yourself, but please don’t grow up too fast.


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