Baking with Young Children Tip #1

In lieu of a daily question on Fridays this month, I’ll be giving a baking with young children tip. I’ve switched up Fridays this month to highlight dads, but I can’t bring myself to forego food entirely.

Baking tip #1: Set a timer to be a minute less than the baking time.

Have you ever tried baking a cake, but end up with a screaming child or a toddler who has to go to the potty right now? It happens! And it can get tiring when you’re making cookies. Kids don’t have a real sense of time, or the fact that things in the oven need to come out at specific times.

So set a timer to one or two minutes less! It gives you a grace period, long enough to get the toddler to the potty or do a quick diaper change or set the baby somewhere safe. Just don’t set it so short that you forget the timer went off.

Happy baking!

7 thoughts

  1. Great tip! I am ready to test it out the next time I bake. My little one loves to be in the kitchen with me already and tries to pull me away within minutes of popping something in.

    1. Thanks! I hope it works out for you. They always seem to know it’s time to play as soon as it goes in, but don’t always understand it has to come out, too.

  2. Awesome tip! May need to try this for every meal ever in the kitchen with my little dude. Do you find as they get older the interruptions lessen or are they always well synchronized with the baked goods finishing 😂

    1. Thanks! Sometimes my toddler is occupied and doesn’t care, but other times he likes to scream when the timer goes off and pretends to be scared. Though as he does get older, I’m hoping it swings more towards he doesn’t care or wants to help get it out. Haha, I can hope, right?

    1. Haha! Kids can be so helpful in the kitchen, until they’re not. I hope it works out for you next time!

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