Be My Guest

Let’s give this a try…

Are you a mom who would like to reach the eyes of another mom who hasn’t yet discovered you?

Are you a writer who has published a book and wouldn’t mind some free advertising? In the same vein, are you interested in being interviewed? Or do you just have a story or poem to share?

Are you a food lover who probably wouldn’t share a culinary secret but might be interested in sharing a favorite dish?

Are you someone who just wants to ramble?

If so, I would love to meet you and feature you! After all, I run this cafe and what is a cafe without some really great customers? Just comment below or send me a message and we’ll go from there.

I hope to meet you soon!

Update: The Lily Cafe truly appreciates, and profusely thanks, everyone who has dropped in. I am delighted to announce March is full with 3 lovely guests, but April is still looking!

Check out Coming Events for the event list!


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