Bitter is the one who cannot laugh
Cannot love
Bitter is the life
That cannot be
But why this must be
Is as always a mystery
And laughter cannot be gained
Though several try and succeed
Happiness is locked away
Safe in a locked trunk
Where none may find it
Where it may never be released
And a bitter laugh may well up
In a throat thirsty for laughter
But bitter is the one who cannot laugh
And cannot love
Bittersweet are the tears
That stream down at happy occasions
When the realization that
Their happiness can never be yours
Bitter does the world seem
When you cannot share
In the wonders that many delight in
And bitter grows you heart
As everything turns sour
Bittersweet at best
Are the memories of happier times
When all was right and good
And with a right to be glad
But bitter is the heart
When it is rejected
And it can only see rejection in everything
Bitter can it be when good times pass by
Without ever an invitation to join
When all is lost on the wind
To others who don’t deserve
And delight in you pain
As you slip away into the darkness
Of a bitter heart
Left bittersweet at best.

  1. keithdubarry

    Wow, this is very deep and intricate. It reminds me of someone going through depression, knows about it, and reveals his pain to bring it upon others. A very thoughtful and provoking poem. Well done!

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