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Blog updates

A month ago my plan was to spend November almost exclusively posting my NaNo story and then return to my regular 3 times a week schedule of mom, books, and writing posts in December until the holidays.

Well, I’m going to do Allison proud and burn that plan.


Because she’s a loud voice in my head and life is just too busy for me to contemplate non-writing posts.

Life updates

About a month ago we learned we needed to move by the end of November. My husband’s new job nowhere near where we currently live means we must move. Fortunately, we’re staying in Southern California, but…have you seen the traffic here, not to mention the Woolsey Fire? Returning from apartment hunting once took us 3.5 hours.

So, all month, while I’ve been diligently working on my novel, we’ve been looking for a new home (check) and packing (I feel like dumping everything and starting over at this point). My husband and I have moved many times during our decade together, so we’re kind of pros by now, but 2 toddlers definitely make it harder. And then there’s the unpacking… Not to mention pulling my son out of playschool and trying to find another good program and getting him registered for Kindergarten. Seriously, Kindergarten is going to be the bane of my existence, but that’s for another post.

But life isn’t the only reason why I’m burning my blog plan.

So, what’s the real blog update?

November is half over, which means NaNo is half over, which means I should be about half done. And I am really close to 25,000 words, but nowhere close to the halfway point in my story.

I’ve been writing it exclusively on WordPress and have found that doing it this way has me spending more time developing each scene as I can’t see the whole sequence in a Word document, so don’t know how long it actually is. I just keep adding until there’s no more to add. I’ll probably have to do extensive edits later, or not. I’m enjoying this slow unfolding of the story and world. But it means I’m not even close to finishing this story. But I really want to.

Initially, I started this blog in 2010 so I could have an online place to store my writings. For this month, I have returned to the roots of The Lily Cafe and it has felt wonderful!

For the rest of this year, this will be my writing blog and I will continue to post The Runaway Queen until it’s finished or I get bored of it. I do have one or two motherhood posts and a few book reviews planned (must start writing those, actually) before the end of the year, but I won’t return to my usual schedule until January.

Oh, how I love the freedom of doing whatever I want with my own little space…

    • kat

      Not well, haha! I bit off a little more than I could chew and am still choking it out. Here’s to hoping I manage to find a balance next year. Or at least a reminder to not overload again. No matter how tempting everything life has to offer is.

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