Books That Remind Me of Other Books: The Book of Revelations by Idelle Kursman

As a lifelong book lover, I’ve read so many books that many of the books I read now remind me of books I’ve read before. Today I’ll be talking about all the books The Book of Revelations by Idelle Kursman reminds me of.

From Amazon:

Dragonflies at Night by Anne Marie BennettDragonflies at Night by Anne Marie Bennett. This one involves a sweet romance between an ordinary woman and a huge music star, so I immediately think of it while reading The Book of Revelations since it involves, not a music star, but a rising star actor.


Book Review: Been There, Married That by Gig LevangieBeen There, Married That by Gigi Levangie. Okay, well, I really didn’t like this one, but it involves the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, which is also somewhat explored in The Book of Revelations.


Home at Summer's End by Alys MurrayHome at Summer’s End by Alys Murray. What a sweet romance! This one is about an actor going to a small town to film on location and ending up in a fake romance with a lovely local woman. The Book of Revelations takes place in a major city, but an actor on location has me thinking of Home at Summer’s End.

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