Branding and Growth Course Day 6: Join Twitter

Well, actually it’s Dig Deep Into a Social Network.

To be thoroughly honest, I’m just not a social media person. I have a private Facebook account that I literally only look at once a day, if that. I don’t understand Twitter. I don’t share pictures of my kids, so will never do Instagram. Pinterest just confuses me. As a highly private introvert, blogging is enough social interaction for me.

But my husband really wants me to grow this blog, so off to Twitter I went. Not going to lie, I have no clue what I’m doing.

Perhaps you’ve suddenly found yourself followed by The Lily Cafe. Trust me, that wasn’t my handiwork. As a busy mom who doesn’t get paid to do this and thus cannot afford a babysitter, The Husband is managing the Twitter account. Maybe one day I will figure it out, but not today. For now, it’ll be done by The Husband, but he will always run everything he does by me.

Hope I don’t lose my mind during this process.

Oh yeah, follow the Cafe…before it runs out of food.

Kidding. There’s no real food here. Unless you find a recipe you like in Food Fridays, then you’ll have food.

[twitter-follow screen_name=’ thelilycafe’]

  1. Kai

    @NinjaDoll13 😉 also, as the introvert that used to make my ex husband deal with all the publicity, I feel your pain. There are ways to grow your social platforms without feeling like you’re giving up your privacy or trying to sell some image.

    Find your worldview. What gets you fired up? What issues do you want to address? Find this and then all you’ve got to do is get loud. For instance, I’m not a fan of damsel in distress ideals, but i love fairytales. I believe beautiful women can be smart and strong. And I absolutely believe a woman can love a man and take care of her children without being some sad little shadow of a house elf. So I scream about that 😁 you can do this.

    • kat

      What good ideas! Thanks!

      Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to take over Twitter from my husband, but this really wasn’t something I was even considering ever doing. It’s going to take some time to wrap my head around it. In the meantime, he keeps wondering what my brand is. Uh, mom who doesn’t just want to be a mom? Can I brand being a person? Well, I’m going to hide out in the blogosphere for the time being, until my head stops hurting. But I’ll definitely be making sure my Twitter thing follows you!

      • Kai

        You can brand sassy. Sassy Mom! Sounds like a superhero. So total win! Or you can go with something that doesn’t include the word mom, but suggests it in a roundabout way?

        I hope your head feels better soon!

      • kat

        Good ideas! But my h is driving me crazy, so I’m going to repay the favor by just not branding myself right now. That would just take all the fun out of blogging and thus is supposed to keep me sane!

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