Cartoons Please! Oh, and More Cartoons!

Cartoons Please! Oh, and More Cartoons!

Let me be totally honest. I still watch cartoons. And I love them. In our home, because we have two kids, the t.v. is dominated by: PBS, Disney, Disney Jr. and did I say PBS. Between Dinosaur Train, Odd Squad, Thomas and Friends, Puppy Dog Pals, and pretty much anything Mickey/Disney. I, often in vein, try to watch some of the new. I’m a bit of a news junkie – NYT, LATimes, WSJ, MSNBC, local news, CNN, you name it…can’t get enough. My son loves his cartoons. He is developing his own personal taste and we encourage that.

For me, my cartoons consisted of Transformers , GI Joe, He-man, She-ra, Voltron, Ducktales, SilverHawks, Sailor Moon, Thundercats and one of my favorites Looney Tunes. I could seriously go on, but that’s not the point. I also know that what I watch can influence him. He has developed an uncanny passion for robots. I blame myself – I introduced him to transformers. Not the Michael Bay Transformer, but the 1980s Transformers version known as G1 or G2. He has developed a strong interest in these cartoons. He even has developed an interest in the newer iteration: Robots in Disguise ( More exciting is the fact that he also likes the toys.

My favorite part of all of this is that I get to indulge in my nostalgia with my son. When we play in his room, he usually wants to take out all of his transformers to have a battle. He picks a couple and gives me some. This is followed by serious battles where some of his favorites (which include Bumblebee ( and Optimus Prime get injured in battle. This sometimes requires some serious attention as he dictates which areas are damaged and how we need to get the others to fix the injured robot.

I learned a real lesson in all this. Even though he does watch a lot of cartoons, he has quite an active imagination. My son is also developing an uncanny ability to remember the names of all of his robots. I hope to really enjoy these formative years with my son (and eventually my daughter). I still love cartoons, and I must admit that sometimes, even after the kids go to bed, Kat and I will continue to watch them as they have also grown on us. Thank you for reading! Until next time. Same Bat time. Same Bat Channel. Live long and prosper!

-The Husband

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