What I Could Have Used After My Miscarriage

For 26 years I lived a very happy, very stable life. I excelled at everything I wanted to, and even did well at the things I didn't care about. I had, and still have, wonderful friendships. I never had a bad romantic relationship or devastating breakup. Other than the early losses of grandparents and gains … Continue reading What I Could Have Used After My Miscarriage

Breastfeeding My 16 Month Old is Like Nursing a Baby Cow

Well, not exactly, but close enough! Recently, my daughter and I went to the county fair with my son and his class. She had a blast looking at all the animals and calling them all kitty. He...not so much. My son may be interested in science, but animals and insects and plants have no appeal … Continue reading Breastfeeding My 16 Month Old is Like Nursing a Baby Cow

Breastfeeding, Perfected (a repost)

If you've been following along for the past week, you know my family has been hit hard by death. Because of this, I've been absent from blogging and the Internet, so have just recently realized it World Breastfeeding Week. As a breastfeeding mom, I decided to repost my breastfeeding journey, with an updated version. The … Continue reading Breastfeeding, Perfected (a repost)

Not Having a Birth Plan Made Me Less Anxious

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I knew what a birth plan was. I knew what went into one and that many women have them. In theory. When I was pregnant with my first, I was a busy graduate student attending classes, trying to get through my practicum placement that required me to … Continue reading Not Having a Birth Plan Made Me Less Anxious

Dancing Queen

My dancing queen, soon you will be one. For 8 months, I knew almost nothing about you. I knew you were going to be daddy's princess at 16 weeks. I knew you liked to have hiccups at some of the most irritating times (please, let mommy sleep). I knew you were getting ready to come … Continue reading Dancing Queen

Smile: My Miscarriage Story

My son was born almost 4 years ago, before "rainbow baby" was a commonly used term. I certainly hadn't heard of it until he was 1. Even though he is a rainbow baby, I have a hard time thinking of him in that way. He isn't my rainbow. He is something else altogether. I remember … Continue reading Smile: My Miscarriage Story

Why I Said No To Sleep Training

Sleep training is teaching a baby to go to sleep on their own. There are a few methods, from letting the baby "cry it out" to soothing the baby back to sleep without picking the baby up. There are many suggestions about how many months old the baby should be. Most say at least 3 … Continue reading Why I Said No To Sleep Training

A Letter from my Daughter

Dear Mom, You love me and take care of me and show me different things. But there is something you and Dad do that confuses me. Mom, I started crawling at six and a half months. I started pulling myself up to stand not long after. I even try taking steps on my own! When … Continue reading A Letter from my Daughter

Breastfeeding, Perfected

Long before I had children I promised my mom one thing. I promised her I would breastfeed. So, when my son came, formula wasn't even something my husband and I discussed. I was actually devastated when he did have to be given formula for the first six days. He was born 5 weeks early, there … Continue reading Breastfeeding, Perfected


I'd like to say my daughter is 9 months and teething. But I can't tell! Which sounds strange because I know the signs and symptoms of teething and this isn't my first child. But she's been acting like she's teething since she was 4 months and there are still no teeth. Come on, little girl, … Continue reading Teething