Baby Tantrums

I wasn't expecting this. I was completely caught off guard. I didn't even think babies could throw tantrums! I look at my son and remember what he was like as a baby. Sweet, curious, and happy, and entirely too attached to me. Not much seemed to bother him. He only complained when I tried to … Continue reading Baby Tantrums

Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

At my daughter's 6 month doctor appointment, her pediatrician gave me a baffled look. I had one kid. Did I not know what I was talking about? "How is everything going?" "She's been trying to crawl for the past few weeks." The pediatrician laughed. Then, a few minutes later: "How is tummy time going?" "She … Continue reading Baby, Don’t Grow Up Too Fast

Surviving Baby’s First Cold

Is it normal for a baby getting sick for the first time to act like he or she isn't sick? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. My son caught his first cold at 8 months, my daughter at 7 months. When my son got sick, he had just learned to crawl. I always thought a … Continue reading Surviving Baby’s First Cold

Breastfeeding and Nausea

When my son was born, I started breastfeeding right away. Not doing so wasn't an option in my mind. I was well aware of all the benefits for my child. Besides, my mom breastfed me and I promised her I would do the same. My mom also told me to expect to feel hungry or … Continue reading Breastfeeding and Nausea

Overtired Baby is a Sleeping Baby?!

Oh, my precious little 8 month old daughter, I wish I could figure you out. When you wake up during the 11pm hour, I know it's going to be a long and wakeful night. When you wake during the midnight hour, I know we will both sleep for two hours at a time. When you … Continue reading Overtired Baby is a Sleeping Baby?!