Black as Light, Part 3

“Yes, Evadne, my dear? And what do we have here?” he said, turning to me with curious black eyes glinting in the dim hallway. “Flavian, please meet Sir Shane of Bottlecreek. He's here looking for our Lady, the Princess Tanith. Sir Shane, this is Flavian--” “Duke, Evadne. Duke Flavian of Moors, never forget that, darling.” … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 3

Black as Light, Part 2

As I neared the castle, I felt my mount stiffen beneath me and was forced to dismount since he wouldn't move another inch. When I did dismount, he took off in the opposite direction, sliding and skidding down the hill, leaving me alone to face the castle. I recall muttering something to the effect of … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 2

Black as Light, Part 1

From deep in my writing files (high school) comes this poorly and oddly titled short story. Which reminds, I need a new title! Also, originally posted a few years ago if it sounds familiar to you. This is my favorite short story, so I thought I would start Writing Wednesdays off with it. There … Continue reading Black as Light, Part 1