Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #6

In short, there will be A LOT of book reviews coming. Through the beginning of October, at least. Back in the Spring I thought my kids would be back at school, so may have overloaded my June-September schedule. I got a bit backed up, so now I have a lot of book reviews to post … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #6

The Lily Cafe Digest #18

Every time I post one of these Digests, I just feel a huge sigh of relief. I adore everything about blogging, but taking a break just feels so nice! After the past few weeks my family has had, I definitely need some time to retreat from the Internet and curl up to stare at walls. … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #18

The Bookworm’s Book Tag

A huge thanks to Kat from KBbookreviews! She reads so widely and has such detailed book reviews, so be sure to check out her blog! The Rules Thank and link the blogger who nominated you Include the tag graphic in your post Answer the 10 questions the blogger asked Nominate 5-10 bloggers Ask you nominees … Continue reading The Bookworm’s Book Tag

The Sunshine Blogger Award

A huge thanks to Hermione of Portable Magic for the nomination! She's probably one of the youngest bloggers I follow, and I love all the enthusiasm she injects into all of her posts. They're always fun to read and always make me smile. What is the Sunshine Blogger Award? The Sunshine Blogger Award is given … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #5

That was...a fast two weeks. At the start of my break, I thought I'd do a Google search for my blog. It's not something I do often, but, sometimes, I like to see what shows up. Good news, my blog was the first one that popped up for me. Interesting news, an actual place called … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #5

The Lily Cafe Digest #17

And somehow it's just about the middle of the year, which also means it's time for my two week break to focus on family...and a whole bunch of dental appointments. I don't think my kids are thrilled at the pandemic seeming to be winding down in our area because it means they can't avoid dentists … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #17

Upcoming Changes

Dear Readers, thank you so much to those who have responded to my poll about what would best help keep up with reading my blog. I still have it open, so, if you have a moment, could you please let me know either by using the poll or leaving me a comment? Thank you so … Continue reading Upcoming Changes

Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #4

And I'm back! While I love taking a week-long break every so often (planned), I do both miss being around here and wish it were longer. But I have a lot to catch up on and a lot to post. This time, I don't have quite as much to share. Everything is, more or less, … Continue reading Upcoming at The Lily Cafe #4

The Lily Cafe Digest #16

Dear Readers, things are a bit bumpy for me and my family, at least until mid-June, but I'm trying my best to deal with it with as much grace and flexibility as I can. Last week, my son's school opened for hybrid learning. It's meant a shift in when he does his schooling. For now, … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #16

The Blogger Recognition Award

I don't normally do tags or awards, but I quite liked this one, especially since I think it might also be a good way to celebrate this blog's existence for the past 11 years this month. So, a huge thank you to My Bookish Bliss! She reads quite a wide range of books so there's … Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award