Father Fridays: Disturbance

The Lily Cafe is delighted to present The Husband in the first of a 5 part series on fatherhood. Biochemical reactions are constantly occurring inside our bodies. Disturbance in these biochemical processes is an important part of life – as likely without disturbance there would likely be no life as we know it. For example, … Continue reading Father Fridays: Disturbance

Father Fridays

Food will be taking a back seat this month. Here in the States we celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June. In honor of that, The Lily Cafe will be featuring a series of fatherhood posts written by The Husband, as well as a dad or more. Dads, if you're interested in being … Continue reading Father Fridays

Infinity Born by Douglas E. Richards

This is my first book review for The Lily Café. I hope that you enjoy it. Genre: Science Fiction Thriller Rating: 4 Automation (Robots) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will dramatically alter the face of employment and jobs that humans will do in the future. If you are paying close attention to the news and the … Continue reading Infinity Born by Douglas E. Richards

PJ Masks: A Dad’s (Highly Unreasonable) Perspective

We watch PJ Masks. I feel like I’m at the beginning of group therapy session for a serious condition – but this is just a small comment on what I observe. We watch PJ Masks because, let’s face it, our kids control the tv. My kids love this show. Honestly, when there is nothing else … Continue reading PJ Masks: A Dad’s (Highly Unreasonable) Perspective