Book Review: The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher

book review of the orphan witch by paige crutcher

Title: The Orphan Witch Author: Paige Crutcher Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin Publication date: September 28, 2021 Genre: Fantasy One Sentence Summary: Persephone has always been strange and alone, until a friend asks her to come to Wile Isle and she discovers she might be the key to breaking a curse. Overall The Orphan Witch is a … Continue reading Book Review: The Orphan Witch by Paige Crutcher

First Grade, Here We Come!

First Grade, Here We Come! - good luck to all the parents doing school from home with their kids!

Summer has come to an end. Tomorrow my little boy starts First Grade. First of all, how dare he grow up, turn 6, and go off into the numbered years of school? It's sometimes hard to reconcile the tiny little 34 week preterm baby he was to the long-limbed getting-too-tall-on-mommy sophisticated 6 year old he … Continue reading First Grade, Here We Come!

What is Myasthenia Gravis? (revisited)

At a time when there is a pandemic going on and the US is dealing with protests and riots because of the murder of George Floyd, posting this seems almost irrelevant, but it's something my family has dealt and lived with for years, and I will continue to post this every June. June is Myasthenia … Continue reading What is Myasthenia Gravis? (revisited)

Safer at Home Order Journal #4

Dear Kids, I haven't written to you for a while because there isn't actually much to say. Days pass, nights come and go, cases rise, deaths rise, small changes to flatten the curve are made as necessary, we listen to our mayor speak almost every day at 5:15pm. Oh, well, we just received the masks … Continue reading Safer at Home Order Journal #4

Safer at Home Order Journal #3

Dear Kids, There's a big ship at our port right now. It's a big floating hospital that's usually docked in San Diego or out on humanitarian missions around the world. They're saying it's the first time the USNS Mercy has ever directly served the US. It's supposed to be here until September, and we're hoping … Continue reading Safer at Home Order Journal #3

Safer at Home Order Journal #2

Dear Kids, Don't worry. I'll slow down on writing these for you because, by now, you know Mom likes to write and ramble and I know you probably think you have better things to do. Ahem! Video games are not better things, unless you're older than I think when you're reading this and work in … Continue reading Safer at Home Order Journal #2

The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition

The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition - some of my favorite mom bloggers

Over the past two weeks, I've been sharing some of the bloggers I adore. First I talked about the absolutely beautiful and authentic souls I've had the great honor to "meet" here. Then I shared some writers/authors and book reviewers I enjoy every chance I get. Now it's time for me to share some of … Continue reading The Bloggers I Love: Moms Edition

The Lily Cafe Digest #6

The Lily Cafe Digest #6 - catch up on what I've posted!

This Digest comes during my week-long blogging break, so I hope you understand why I'm not allowing comments. As it's also Thanksgiving week in the US, I'll be spending my time with my family and away from this blog and email as much as possible. The past 9 weeks have been full of changes and … Continue reading The Lily Cafe Digest #6

It’s Not Just Children Who Stare

Whether you have kids or have found yourself around them, you know the stare. They can't seem to help themselves as they stare intently at a stranger. Sometimes it's unblinking without the hint of a smile. Sometimes there are a few blinks and a partly open mouth. And, no matter what you do, they won't … Continue reading It’s Not Just Children Who Stare

What I Could Have Used After My Miscarriage

For 26 years I lived a very happy, very stable life. I excelled at everything I wanted to, and even did well at the things I didn't care about. I had, and still have, wonderful friendships. I never had a bad romantic relationship or devastating breakup. Other than the early losses of grandparents and gains … Continue reading What I Could Have Used After My Miscarriage