Fairy tales

I had planned to actually start typing up The Blue Caverns over the weekend (it's been easier for me to write in a notebook before typing things up lately) so I could at least post part of the beginning. But... pregnancy isn't always kind to me, so that never happened. Now forced to abandon those … Continue reading Fairy tales

The Blue Caverns

The temporary title of the story I'm writing for my little boy. I have about four months to pick a better one. That should be enough time, right? Anyways, since I'll be posting bits and pieces for feedback, I thought it would be a good idea to post some kind of summary. One other note: … Continue reading The Blue Caverns

Midnight Abyss: Interview with Jennifer M. Zeiger

Halloween just got a little...scarier. On October 31st the fascinatingly terrifying anthology Midnight Abyss by nine talented authors will be available. It was my immense pleasure to catch an interview with one of the authors, Jennifer M. Zeiger, who writes some fantastic short stories and awesome choose your adventure stories at Adventure Awaits You. I … Continue reading Midnight Abyss: Interview with Jennifer M. Zeiger

A quick note and a short story

All I remember is that Arachnia was written for a writing contest a few years ago. It started with the beginning of a poem I had started, and never finished, a couple of years before that. Where that poem was going, I have no clue. But the story started from that led me into a … Continue reading A quick note and a short story

The Open Door

Chapter Seven Saturday, the day of Aunt Guinevere’s funeral I just sat there, staring mindlessly at the now ajar door for a little longer before pulling myself up. I stepped to the door and put my hand on the knob. Then I stopped, suddenly wondering if I really wanted to know. My hand dropped back … Continue reading The Open Door

The Open Door

Chapter Six Friday evening We had dinner with Aunt Guinevere again. Jules had brought Sylvia and Jack with him. If I had known it would be our last evening with Aunt Guinevere, I would have requested family only. But I knew Auntie would insist Sylvia and Jack come, too. Especially Sylvia. Dr. Ryan arrived just … Continue reading The Open Door

The Open Door

Chapter Five Thursday morning I had wanted to see Aunt Guinevere and Mom on Wednesday, but I had to work most of the day and was absolutely exhausted when I got home from the office. Being a paralegal isn’t easy, especially when the lawyers you work for are the only ones in town. At least … Continue reading The Open Door

The Open Door

Chapter Four Tuesday afternoon I arrived at Aunt Guinevere’s house at around four in the afternoon. Aunt Guinevere wasn’t at home. Mom, who was feeling much better and was making a pie when I arrived, said she had gone to visit the doctor again. I frowned. “But she was just there last week.” Mom sighed. … Continue reading The Open Door

The Open Door

Chapter Three Monday evening We had dinner with Aunt Guinevere. Mother was absent because she had acquired a virus during the night and Aunt Guinevere was forcing her to stay in her room. Jules was there with his neighbor/girlfriend (he won’t tell me which) Sylvia Ryan, the youngest child of Dr. Ryan. The dining room … Continue reading The Open Door

The Open Door

Chapter Two Sunday morning Mother and Jules were in the dining room with Aunt Guinevere, cleaning candlesticks for some reason I couldn’t quite fathom since they were all pristine. I was standing in the room next to the room that’s always locked. The room was a square with pale yellow walls, white curtains with pale … Continue reading The Open Door