No Tomorrow, Part 76

Just Before Midnight - continued They lay snuggled under the covers on their marital bed. The day of celebrating their anniversary and their grandson’s marriage was over. They’d said their good byes to their family and friends, everyone they had ever loved. Now they were alone and ready to die. Anna and Jacob knew they’d … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 76

No Tomorrow, Part 75

Just Before Midnight - continued The strawberries were gone and the champagne bottle was mostly full. Their glasses were barely touched, only missing a sip or two each. Two pairs of shoes were scattered around the edges of the blanket, along with Grant’s gray socks. They lay on the blanket, their ankles crossed, their hands … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 75

No Tomorrow, Part 74

Just Before Midnight The music was pounding in their heads, in their chests, the beat matching their heartbeats, beat for beat. But nothing was better than the heartbeat that beat just for the one they had fallen for. They writhed together, their bodies twisting and turning, sweat running down their backs, down to their toes … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 74

No Tomorrow, Part 73

11:00 pm - continued Mother and daughter joined Nick in the living space. He was waiting for them, sharply dressed in a charcoal gray suit. He smiled and nodded at Iris’s choice of dress and then hurried everyone out the door. He wanted to make sure they were in the ballroom as the ship left … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 73

No Tomorrow, Part 72

11:00 pm - continued Nick nodded and crammed himself and his family into an elevator with another family of four. Iris and the two boys, both around her age, smiled shyly at each other, but clung to their parents and didn’t say a word. The ride up was swift; Nick and his family getting off … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 72

No Tomorrow, Part 71

11:00 pm She finally stirred as her father sat beside her on the plush couch and stroked her hair while his wife was on the phone, weeping profusely while talking to her parents. Rose had sent him to check on their daughter, who was still slumbering from the sedative they had given her that evening. … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 71

No Tomorrow, Part 70

10:00 pm - continued Their glasses clinked between the two white taper candles burning brightly on the small, round table they sat at. The simple wooden table was covered with a silky white cloth, making it look a little more elegant for the newlyweds. Fresh roses in three vases sat on the table and around … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 70

No Tomorrow, Part 69

10:00 pm - continued She couldn’t help it; even on the last day of Earth, she still felt compelled to look out for her little sister, especially since Sabrina was always so boy crazy. Any one of these guys might take off with her and take advantage of her. How many guys here were looking … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 69

No Tomorrow, Part 68

10:00 pm She smoothed her daughter’s hair back from her forehead as Alice finished off a slice of chocolate cake, her favorite. Her normally vivacious little girl was solemn and sad now that she’d said her last good byes to her best friend and knew she would never see Iris again. Grace’s heart twisted at … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 68

No Tomorrow, Part 67

9:00 pm - continued “Always, sweetie. Are you ready?” “As ready as I’ll ever be.” Jenna gave a shaky laugh. “Let’s just get this over with before I lose my nerve.” “Just remember you always have an out if you want it.” Sylvie paused for a moment, just to make sure Jenna was ready. “Okay, … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 67