No Tomorrow, Part 50

4:00 pm - continued A knock at her door jerked her from her thoughts and she sat bolt upright, eyes wide and startled. The tears that had begun to form in her eyes dried and her nose ceased its tell-tale tingling. “Sorry, Val,” a soft voice said. “I didn’t mean to startle you.” Calliope was … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 50

No Tomorrow, Part 49

4:00 pm She called it her “lost hour.” For the past year, her first and only year of college, it had been the one hour of the day where she didn’t quite know what to do with herself. She was always done with classes by four in the afternoon and had never taken an evening … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 49

No Tomorrow, Part 48

3:00 pm - continued “Jenna, honey, are you okay?” her mother called from the kitchen. “Yeah,” Jenna called back. “I’m coming, Mom.” Though she knew her mother was expecting her, she had one more thing to do. Earlier, she had been talking to her aunt and they had made alternate plans for the night just … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 48

No Tomorrow, Part 47

3:00 pm - continued “Come on, honey,” Callie said as Jenna lifted her head and wiped her nose on her bed sheet, her sweater now too damp to dry her face. “Let me get you a snack, like I used to when you were a little girl coming home from school.” “Sandwich cookies with milk?” … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 47

No Tomorrow, Part 46

3:00 pm Her green taffeta dress was being wrinkled beneath her as she lay across her bed face down, her thoughts spinning and spinning around in her head in dizzying sequences. The world was ending in nine hours. She would be dead in nine hours. And what was she doing? She was lying face down … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 46

No Tomorrow, Part 45

2:00 pm - continued With the looping news program playing for background noise, Nick stood with all of their luggage once again, his clipboard in hand and his pen perched behind an ear. Muttering to himself, he checked everything off once again. As soon as he had finished, and was preparing to double check everything, … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 45

No Tomorrow, Part 44

2:00 pm - continued Nick settled himself beside his daughter, his wife on Iris’s other side, and put an arm around his little girl’s shoulders. His daughter shifted slightly and snuggled against her father’s side. “Daddy, can I see Abigail, too?” Nick leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “I’m sorry, sweetie, but … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 44

No Tomorrow, Part 43

2:00 pm He stood in the front hall, surrounded by suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, and an assortment of other bags. It was all the bags they had managed to scrounge up. His wife and daughter were lounging on the couch in the living room, the TV tuned to some repeat of a popular children’s show … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 43

No Tomorrow, Part 42

1:00 pm - continued Now, though, he hurried into the market, hoping Rob wasn’t getting himself in any trouble. He went up and down each row until he finally found his friend in the refrigerated aisle, chatting it up with a slim young woman who was just a few inches shorter than him. Her short … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 42

No Tomorrow, Part 41

1:00 pm - continued “So, about that girl,” Rob said as he turned yet another corner just a hair too fast. “You gonna call her?” Grant shrugged and glanced out the window to watch as they sped by a row of houses at over forty miles per hour. It was a good thing the cops … Continue reading No Tomorrow, Part 41