The Santa Ana Winds

Even though The Lily Cafe isn't opening until January, I wanted to take some time now to address the Santa Ana winds currently blowing through Southern California. The fires that have broken out and have been fanned by these relentless winds have been in the news, and my thoughts, for the past few days. As … Continue reading The Santa Ana Winds


Hello? Does anyone still read this? Since it's been such a long, long, long time, I'll be surprised if anyone sees this post. But if you do stumble by, hello. It's been 3 years since I started writing about how motherhood was impacting my writing and almost 3 years since my last post (yikes!). Which … Continue reading Hello?

Happy Halloween!

A Halloween Nightmare You’re one step away from the doorstep. You take that step and suddenly— You’re in a dark, forbidding forest. Branches wave in the frigid wind. They look like fingers reaching— Reaching to tear life from you. It grows darker and colder. The forest is lit by only the white moon. A high, … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Motherhood: The intersection with writing

This is where I share my writings. This is not where I share my life. But being a mother is interfering with my writing; it's all I can think about. It's a good interference, but I still long for those days where I can sit for as long as I want and just write. Now … Continue reading Motherhood: The intersection with writing

My Love, part 2

And the long love poem continues. Check out the first part here. The years swirled past And still I saw him only those times But I knew he was still there Maybe watching me For I saw the curtains sway When there was no wind Freshman year ended Sophomore swirled past Junior left in a … Continue reading My Love, part 2

Weather as my Least Favorite Character

As you may have seen from my previous post, I was going to write this yesterday, but found myself without any power. I really should start writing these posts in advance. As a native Southern Californian (born and raised!) I knew two seasons: the occasional rain during the winter months and fire season later in … Continue reading Weather as my Least Favorite Character