Character Crushes

Growing up, I was the only person I knew who didn’t have a celebrity crush. It wasn’t hard not to have one. I didn’t watch much TV, preferred classical music, and teased my mom when her baseball team was losing.

Instead, I read. I could always be found with a book at least nearby. I slept with books under my pillow. The hardbacks were a little lumpy, but I could live with that. In high school and college, if I wasn’t studying, I ate and read a book.

I didn’t have celebrity crushes. I had book character crushes.

My first was when I was 14. I had just started reading Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series and fell head over heels for Lan. So strong and so silent. So dedicated. Always doing the right thing. He was a dream come true. Actually, the first guy I dated reminded me of Lan, but, noble as he was, he wasn’t Lan. But that’s not why we didn’t last.

A few years later I dove into Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy. I found a new love in Daemon. Silky and smooth, he could have any woman and they came crawling to him. But he was also devoted and had only one love, one person for whom he would literally do anything for. I swooned at that kind of dedication.

Then came Cleo Doyle’s Coffeehouse Mysteries and with them came Detective Michael Quinn. Upstanding and always doing what’s right. Protective, but with a humorous streak. He was the ultimate good guy and as loyal as a dog.

Strangely enough, now that I’m married, I haven’t had any book character crushes. Perhaps it means I’ve definitely married my soulmate. Or maybe it means I can find all of these qualities in my husband, so I don’t need to fantasize about what I already have.

No matter. I can still enjoy a book and incredible characters. I just don’t have crushes anymore.

What characters have you crushed on?


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