My first born and I had a good time in gymnastics class. He learned how to do cart wheels, tumbling and bouncing on the trampoline. We got into the car within him strapped to his toddler seat and a request for the “Imperial March” on the radio – which I quickly put on as he had a similar request on the drive to gymnastics. I arrived home seeing Kat hunched over and a tears running down her face. Déja vu! However, this time I was not in the lab. We had company, as my Mother-in-Law was with us at the time. Kat had just returned from the bathroom with some spotting, I called the hospital to expect us and we “hurried” down the stairs to the car. Our first stayed with his grandmother at home. Grandma patiently said to him that Mommy and Daddy were going somewhere and that he would see us later that day. We kissed him good bye and told him we would see him later this day. This was our fourth such visit to the hospital, but this time, the progesterone shots could not keep her in any longer. After fifteen minutes of pushing, our second child was born. She was born at 36 weeks and six days – early but with enough of a gestation period for less concern. She too came out screaming, though this time the Doctor only let me watch from very, very close proximity. After sometime, we were sent to the maternity ward and “rang the bell” on the way. There were many, many bell ringings this day….and night. My son (and his Grandma) met his sister later that night. He saw her and gave her a kiss – I have data supporting this claim! After an evening filled with joy and pizza, I took my son home and read to him as I usually do. When he fell asleep, my Mother-in-Law stayed with him for the night. I returned to the hospital. When Kat and baby girl were released, my daughter’s bilirubin levels were somewhat high. The next day her levels were higher. As with the first birth, I took a few days off and we acquired a photo-blue-light apparatus and blanket to help our little girl with her jaundice. Every time she took a nap was a process – reframing – but she was still home with us. I have been documenting her progress in a similar fashion to my first. She looks nothing like either of us. And she already has an opinion. Our daughter is babbling and cruising much earlier than our son – but she has a role model. Our first had no such examples, only two weird looking tall people who always seem to be around. She’s cute in a hat and loves hugs and especially kisses. She has her mother’s beautiful smile and eyes. Did I say she’s more vociferous then all of us combined? I just feel like that is something. I get my special time every day with her and she’s getting stronger and more curious with each day. My first is her play thing. Reframing – they already play together. That’s it for now. Until next time – same bat time and same bat channel.

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