Day One of the Branding and Growth Course: Setting Goals

I initially started The Lily Cafe as a place where I could share my writings and interact with other writers. As the years passed and my family grew, I ended up leaving behind the Cafe, only to return earlier this year to give me a place where I can be more than just mom. I never expected the number of followers, likes, comments, and level of interaction that I now have, so I am incredibly thankful and humbled.

That said, my husband thinks my increasing number of views every month is encouraging and maybe one day I can monetize my blog (not going to lie, but that’s a daunting idea for me!). But, who knows, maybe he could be right, you know, a while from now.

So I found this Blogging University run by The Daily Post and started a course called Branding and Growth. Not completely sure of what this will involve, but it’ll at least be interesting!

Day one involved setting 3 concrete goals for this blog.

  1. Why do I blog? I blog to be more than just mom. I don’t want to lose my identity as a person, so The Lily Cafe is filled with the things I enjoy: being a mom, reading, writing, cooking, etc. To keep this focus, my first goal is, interestingly, to not become a mom blog. Some days might be more kid heavy, but I also want days that the kids can’t touch, so no more than 3 days a week can involve mom posts.
  2. As an introvert, I run if I know I have to physically interact with people. Besides, I am a much more eloquent writer than speaker, so writing has always been my preferred method of interaction. There are many things I’d like to say, ideas I’d like to share, but I can only do that well when I write. My second goal, then, would be to post 7 days a week. I’m up to 6 with my husband’s help on Saturdays. I plan on coming up with a seventh idea by the end of May. Come on, brain, come on…
  3. My husband is much better at numbers than I am. I know math is important, but I constantly ask why we need it. That’s how much I suck at numbers. Anyways, he did some math and thinks The Lily Cafe can get 1000 followers by the end of the year. Kind of a scary number to me, but, why not, I’ll shoot for the stars. Wait, how many stars are there?

So those are my goals, but I’m not really a goal-oriented person, so this should be interesting. Though, if I do want to grow this blog, perhaps I should take them seriously now that they’re out in the open. Which is why I’m posting my goals.

Okay, now I’m going to go jump behind a bush and wonder what I’ve gotten myself into.


  • Kai

    As an introvert (and writer; hermit’s career of choice), it does get less scary. My first reaction to blogging was always eerily similar to a cat being stuffed in a pet carrier. All four limbs outstretched, claws in full kill mode, swearing that I will cut the idiot who wants me in that God forsaken torture box. But I need more readers for my books, so here I am, weirdness in tow. Blogging. And, really, it isn’t that bad once you get past the initial fright fest of having to – insert horrified scream here – interact with actual people. If you need help, yell. I’m usually around my phone 😉

    • kat

      Thank you! And when did you meet my cat?! Interacting with people through blogging isn’t too bad as long as I don’t think too much about it. But my brain likes to talk to me and my fingers have a bad habit of listening. Perhaps my goal should have been to make myself comment more often. Though it does get easier when my comments get responses (like from wonderful you!). It’s very encouraging!

      • Kai

        I like your goal. As long as you are kind to yourself, goals like yours are wonderful ways to tell yourself you mean it. My goals to write everyday (on my books), and when I blog I try to write just fast enough to stay ahead of my critic and slow enough empathy can keep up. I don’t always manage it, but, mostly, I do 😁

        I love your posts! And I’m a pet sitter in my spare time. I’ve met everyone’s cats, lol. I have embraced the idea that cats really are planning world domination. Viva La Revolucion! My faith in humanity’s ability to deny them is shaky. Cause kittens 😉

      • kat

        It’s all about the kindness, isn’t it? Sometimes I think introverts are the hardest on themselves, but, on the other hand, we tend to be more thoughtful with what we say. Though you’re right about that critic! It’s a cruel one sometimes. I absolutely love everything you post. They’re thoughtful, kind, and empowering. And your stories just stick in my head until I go in circles, but I love it!

        Cats will definitely rule the world one day. My cat looks at me with her big eyes and I immediately go looking for a treat. Better take her to the vet, haha. But it also makes me think of a book I’m reading, by Mike from The Association of Merry Makers. It’s called Cuteness Overlord and involves bloodthirsty, but cute, baby animals 100 year in the future. Maybe we shouldn’t let cats get the better of us…

      • Kai

        I need that book! And thank you so much for the compliments! I love sharing what I do and I enjoy talking to others about writing.

        I like all your posts, but, as an ex nanny, I get a lot of smiles out of the kid posts. It’s so refreshing to see a mom who loves playing with her kids. I see a few here and there. But I also see a lot of parents who just sort of tune out. I’m always just like ‘hey! Your kid is awesome!’. And resist the urge to throw legos at them…. kidding. Mostly. Full time mom is such an amazing job, but so exhausting, so I try not to be too hard on them.

        I’m really enjoying playing with my ideas. My short stories are just so difficult to place in any sort of magazine that I’ve just decided to share them for free. I plan on posting the second part of my novella tomorrow. I’ve just been waiting to get a better handle on it, but now I have it *Happy dance* 😁

      • kat

        It’s kind of a nutty book, but I just can’t stop reading it. It also makes me look twice at my cat all the time.

        Trust me, I’d love to throw Legos at parents, too. I hate doing social groups because most parents would rather chat with each other and let the kids run amok. Really, you’re not going to stop your kid from taking the toy out of my kid’s hand? Boom, Lego to the head! But perhaps I should try being kind in my thinking of them, too.

        So glad you’re posting your stories! By the way, Annie is stuck in my head and she just won’t go away, so thanks! I’m planning on reading Getting Thin, but, after your short stories, I have to admit I’m a little terrified. But that just says you have an amazing writing style and I’m jealous of how easily your stories evoke a simultaneous fear and need to know what happens next.

      • Kai

        No jealousy necessary! You have a wonderful style all your own. I certainly enjoy reading your posts.

        My main thing is that I want to inspire others. I love writing my books, but i also love the connection of talking to another writer and knowing I helped them find their own voice. Hugely rewarding. So that’s where my blog tends to focus. That and me stomping around yelling about injustice. But I’ve been doing that last one for years 😂

        Getting Thin is really my favorite book I’ve written. But that could be because I’m working on the sequel. I didn’t think the first one was all that scary. Fair warning, the sequel gave me nightmares. Also, Annie will be finishing out her story this weekend 😉

      • kat

        You definitely inspire me! I always feel like I want to become a better person whenever I read your blog. It always gives me something to think about and a new way of looking at someone or something. You are going to be amazing as a life coach!

        And thank goodness we get Annie’s ending soon! I’m afraid she’s going to start haunting my dreams any night now. Now I’m getting really curious about Getting Thin. I’ll be reading it soon!

  • Laura

    What I think is really cool about reading your blog is that it seems like you and I are very different people with very similar goals and ideas. I love that. (Is that crazy vague? Does it sound oxymoronical?) I think the connection we get through writing and reading blogs is such a cool thing for introverts. I am an introvert myself but I find as I get older I’m no longer shy or anxious around people, which is a relief, but I have this desire to share with others that just doesn’t work in a normal social context. I’m really glad I’ve met you or your blogging persona, and I think your blog could be quite successful.
    Anyhow, looking forward to getting to know more about you!
    Also, I don’t know that you need to post seven days a week. You already post a lot–enough that though I love your blog, I don’t get a chance to read everything. Don’t burn yourself out.

    • kat

      I love that our blogs are similar, but different because I love being able to enjoy what you write without feeling any sort of competition, making it possible to thoroughly enjoy reading something I might find myself writing, but from a different mind. If that makes any sense. It’s so nice that blogging exists as it makes social interaction for introverts easier in an otherwise extrovert-dominant world. Not that I have anything against extroverts; I just can’t function well in their world!

      Good point. I would hate to post more often to reach a certain page view number only to lose readers from over-posting. My husband is really pushing for me to make something of this and gets very down on Sundays when there are only a couple of views. But I like having a day where I can just focus on the Reader and catch up. I probably won’t think any more on my goals anyways.

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