Do You Know the Ring of…Toys?

We all know the Ring of Fire. It basically looks like the outline of the Pacific Ocean as it meets land. But it’s the Ring of Fire because it’s where earthquakes and volcanic activity often occur.

Then there’s the song “Ring of Fire.” I’m partial to the one sung by Johnny Cash. I grew up listening to Country music and John Denver, which is what happens when your mom drives you everywhere and insists that she picks the music because she’s the one driving. Which explains why 3 Chinese kids know some 90s and older Country songs by heart. My brother has funny stories from when he was stationed in the South. But this song is one of my absolute favorites.

Today my kids introduced me to a new kind of ring.

A ring of toys.


Created under the coffee table and somehow left undisturbed long enough for me to get a picture. How they managed this is beyond me, especially since the whole floor is usually littered with toys and tissues (my daughter has discovered the tissue box and that it is fun) by lunchtime.

So, have you heard of the Ring of Toys or just the Ring of Fire? Maybe you should check for one. Kids are crafty.

    • kat

      It’s amazing what kids do and don’t destroy. But I think that toothpaste maker knows what they were doing! I’m convinced those tubes are indestructible.

  1. drtanya@saltedcaramel

    Although my kids are all grown up now your Ring of Toys pic reminded me of two things
    1. Armies of toy soldiers that my eldest used to set out on the floor.
    2. Stuffed toy “meetings” that all of them would have by pooling all their stuffed toys.

    Now I wish I had taken pics.

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