Does Anyone Use the Menu to Navigate Around My Blog?

I’m curious. If you stop by the blog, do you find what you’re looking for using the menu or do you just scroll through?

I know my menu is a bit large. I also know there is almost nothing on some of the pages (there will be one day…).

But I also know I haven’t been keeping it updated for at least a week. Oops.

Well, life has been busy. My kids have had their ups and downs with naps. At bedtime, my son takes forever to fall asleep and my daughter doesn’t really settle until 11 pm or so, so I take frequent blogging “breaks” during which I’ll forget what I was doing. So updating the menu with the recent blog posts never happens.

So if you use the menu, I’m sorry. I will get around to it. If you don’t…well, oh good, I don’t have to remember it too often!


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