Ettara and the Kalladis Archipelago

One of the five continents, Ettara effectively shut its borders to the world when the druids overthrew the faerae. Since no one has entered or emerged from this continent in over two decades, it has largely become a place of myth. There are many written records, telling of great cities and powerful creatures in a land filled to the brim with magic, but the records were created so long ago that no one believes them anymore. However, in the ensuing centuries, the Ettarans have only grown in power. As a testament to the great power and the importance of magic, the capital of Skyna is home to the powerful Magician’s Guild and one of their number is Ettara’s leader.

Though many have attempted to enter Ettara, they are usually rebuffed by the strong magical barriers if not destroyed by the Kalladis Archipelago. A huge group of twenty-three islands to the east of Ettara, it is known as a graveyard to countless sea vessels. Not originally so destructive, the waters were magically crafted to be more dangerous than any other body of water in the world and the residents of the islands are known to be quite unfriendly. If that weren’t enough, the Stormy Seas to the west of Ettara are just as unfriendly.

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