Dad, Husband, Lover, Scientist, Man-child and a little “off kilter!”

As I have not formally introduced myself, I am “The Husband.” Currently, I am the 4th in command in our home – my wife (Kat) is Master and Commander! Our two kids have higher rank as well – our daughter (our youngest) outranks the first born. Anyway, I digress. I consider myself a “jack of all trades” and a master of one. In brief, I am trained as a chemist, studied neuroscience and currently am a cancer immunologist. Most of my career has revolved around cancer research – from understanding the molecular basis of cancer development and metastasis. Currently, I am helping to advance cancer therapy using a living drug (CAR T- cells) to find and destroy cancer. I wrote a brief blog on this earlier.

As Kat has said, we met on-line. I fell in love with her and now she rules me. She is the mother of our children. And she is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. I am also a father of two children. Our two kids occupy a great deal of our time. There are challenges, as expected, managing two kids who both want and need attention. I love my work as it fulfills a personal and vested interest I have in destroying cancer. And I also love my family and all of the chaos. I strive for balance and fail often to achieve that balance. But I always try to do better. One of my favorite things to do with my son is going to LOL Kids. He loves to run, climb and throw balls – and I encourage this! My daughter currently likes slapping my face and then being cute and smiling at me afterwards (I AM DOOMED!). I read a little bit (love books and book stores!) and have a wide variety of interests: modeling, computers, art, sci/fi, fantasy, space, non-fiction, history/politics, books, sports (this will be specially obvious during football season!), anime/cartoons (all kinds: Dragon Ball, Robotech, Vampire Hunter D and much more), social issues, what makes people tick, fixing things (and taking them apart), and generally science (especially if it is going to have an impact on patients), current events and of course life as a parent. I read two newspapers most mornings and consider myself a bit of a news junkie. In general, I am “weird,” “nerdy” and love trivia – Jeopardy is awesome! I enjoy Star Wars and Star Trek (mostly TNG – love Captain Picard!). Some of my favorite authors are: Katherine Neville, Robert Jordan, Dan Brown, Carolyn McCray, Douglas Adams, and Alan Schom (to name a few).

As you know, if you follow this blog, I contribute every Saturday to The Lily Café. I have contributed several posts that include the subject of gun violence in America. It is a wonderful thing. I enjoy reading others blogs and find it refreshing to have such honest moments presented by many people. Because I am a scatter brain, my posts will reflect this. There are many things that I know nothing about..but it doesn’t mean I can’t aim to understand that which I don’t know. I don’t think I am as relatable as my wife, but I do listen. Finally, I am open-minded and enjoy discussions and differing perspectives. Thank you for welcoming me and for allowing me to engage with you! I hope you will enjoy what you read and make a comment! That’s it for now. Until next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Live long and prosper.

-The Husband

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