Foggy mountains

The mountains rise sharp and magnificent
Serene and harsh at the same time
Pearly fog wraps around the peaks
A veil against a harsh world
Sounds cannot be heard distinctly
A snapped branch is muffled
As a young man makes his way
To meet in the stony circle
A young couple meets
The fog hiding them
From the world beyond
They hold and cling
Knowing this is their final meeting
Their final day to make things right
I love you more than any other
They whisper to each other
But I know it is time to go
We cannot remain
And we will always part
Never to set eye on each other again
Now we say our farewells
And leave the mountains and fog
Where we go nothing will matter
We will be near
But separated forever
Are you ready my darling
Here I have it
And together
They fade into the mist and fog
The legend of the foggy mountains.

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