From some of my previous posts, I’m sure it’s clear I’m done with winter. Probably for forever, but I don’t think nature would be happy if I said that. I desperately need Spring to start right about now (it is March, isn’t it?), but we currently have this Winter Storm Titan (really, do they have to name winter storms now as well as hurricanes?) bearing down on us, so no Spring as far as I can see. I can be hopeful, though, so I’m posting a poem about a lovely forest in Spring.

Sunlight filters through
Branches wave in the soft breeze
Twigs snap underfoot
The forest is silent otherwise
The air is clean
After the first Spring rain
The trees look so green
And woodland flowers begin to bloom
The sun shines brightly overhead
The sky is cerulean blue
Not even a fluffy white cloud in view
A hidden bird begins a soft song
And answered by another hidden bird
The forest is fresh from Spring’s first rain.

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