Glimmer notes and what’s next

Glimmer is one of those stories that fell into my lap and refused to go away. I was a high school junior without a first period class when the story sparked. I loved getting to school early and would sit under a huge tree with dark red flowers and read or write. I used to have a green binder filled with papers where I would write story ideas. Glimmer was one of those. I literally have no idea where it came from or why it started the way that it does, and I have since lost those handwritten pages.

But it was a story that stuck with me. It’s relatively short considering I was never really into writing short stories. Novels were my thing. But this story took about three years to complete and, in all that time, it never left my mind. Actually, it still hangs out there, nearly a decade after its completion, begging me to do something with it. So, my obsession for this odd sci-fi story saw it through to completion and ultimately to being posted here.

I’ve mentioned previously that I don’t always like to follow rules and conventions in writing. Glimmer was written with the idea of trying to break formatting rules. Why couldn’t stories be written in second person? Why did dialogue have to have quotation marks? Why were italicizing and bolding available if I found myself never using them? With that in mind, I decided Glimmer would be written in regular, bold, and italic type and in first-, second-, and third-person. I’m not sure if it adds anything to the story, or maybe it makes it confusing. But I wanted to do something different, something I had never seen before to date. And I did. I do hope Glimmer’s readers have enjoyed this story regardless.

One last note, Glimmer was always imagined to be one part of three. Unfortunately, the other two parts are proving to be more elusive than Glimmer ever was. One day there will be two other parts to bookend Glimmer in which we will discover the fates of the two doctors, as well as the assassins, and possibly meet some new people. Just not today, or probably anytime in the near future.

Up next: I have a few things stewing around, so I’ll be posting a series of short stories and plays for your entertainment for the next few weeks until I get everything together. Until Wednesday!

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