Glimmer, part 1

Being locked up in a dark cell does things to your mind. Makes you crazy. Mad. Insane.

But not me.

Never me.

I’m not affected by human emotions anymore.

Not since Dr. Tobias plucked me from the streets of New York on Earth. Pretty sure it’s been at least a year since I was on Earth. But I wouldn’t know. Don’t care where I am now. Don’t really care.

Been nearly two years (I think) since Dr. Tobias turned me into this. I’ll kill him. I swear I will. He stole me from my family. My life. I can’t die. Immortal.
That’s what I am. Immortal. I’d laugh if I could. Can’t do anything but kill now. Dr. Tobias made me like this.

Raving mad is for other people. Me, I don’t feel anymore. I’m like a robot. Told to kill, and I make that kill. Don’t want to. Must. Forced to murder.

Still have my mind. That’s all the human that’s left of me now. Always ordered. No free will. What good is a mind?

Sick, drunk scientists made me. No regard for life. Hate them. Must kill. Revenge.

Door grates open. Dim light, bright to the dark. Blink and turn head around.

Get up, a harsh voice says.

Walking down a long, eerie corridor. Dim and quiet. That’s all I hear these days. Quiet. Eternally. Perpetually. I can’t die. Immortal.

Heavy iron door scrapes open. Bright light surrounded by deep shadows.

Would hurt if I was still human.

Long table in the center. Dim light flickering overhead. Two occupied chairs on one side. One unoccupied chair on the other.

What do you know. An interrogation room on this planet.

Two men in suits stand. Shadowed faces. A glint of glasses in the pale light.

Sit, one says. We sit.

Name, two demands.

Schuyler, I answer.

Profession, one demands.


Explain, two orders.

Assassin from Earth. More robot than human.

Year, one asks.

2498 on Earth.

The Apocalypse on Earth has begun, two says.

I know. I caused it. Dr. Harris told me to. I follow orders now. No free will. I am the Glimmer.

Explain, two demands.

I transport myself from place to place. Seen only as a dim, hazy figure. Kill is made. Transport back to lab. No one sees. No one knows. Corpse left on street. No one cares anymore. I killed the President. No one cared. Caring is over. Everyone hates. I brought the Apocalypse.

Tell us your story from the beginning, one requests.

I was born in Manhattan, Kansas.

No, no. Begin with when you became the Glimmer, two says.

It was a summer day in Central Park in New York City, New York. I was watching my daughter run around. My baby son was at home with my wife. I felt a tap on my shoulder…

* * *
A slender, dark haired man in his early thirties sat on a bench made from a new material called Cryma-Crystal, a clear material composed primarily of crystal and glass with thin sheets of steel running through it, in Central Park. A young girl with short black hair darted among the few trees remaining in the world with an heirloom fiberglass kite from the twenty-first century flying behind her. Above them, people walked along skywalks made of crystal, steel, glass, and various metal compounds.

Motors were no longer heard. Personal Transporters, small disks that looked like opals, were used to get around the city, but some still preferred to walk.

A man in a white coat with light brown hair approached the man on the bench and tapped his shoulder.

Schuyler turned quickly, startled. The man smiled serenely at him.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Schuyler asked.

The scientist met Schuyler’s cerulean eyes and smiled.

“I am Dr. Curt Tobias, a government scientist. You will do very well, Schuyler.”

“Do well? Do well for what? What are you talking about?”

Dr. Tobias only smiled at him, took hold of Schuyler’s shoulder, and activated his Transporter…

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