Glimmer, part 12

And that’s how we found you, one says.


Thank you for your time, Schuyler, two says.

I don’t say anything. There is nothing left for me to say. I had told them my story, just as they had requested. I owed them nothing more.

Tomorrow we’re going to take you to our lab, two says. We want you to show us how Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell created you and your fellow assassins.

Where are Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell? I ask.

The two men look at each other.

We assume they’re dead, one says. Nearly everyone on Earth is dead. Much of Earth is scorched, the oceans are drying up…there’s not much left there. We feel safe in saying the two doctors are dead.

Have you found Erika, Jen, and Dionysius? I ask.

We have not found anyone like you, is two’s only reply.

Poor, poor Mari, I murmur.

I’m sorry? one says.

Nothing, I say sharply.

Thank you, again, Schuyler, two says. We’ll see you tomorrow.

One nods to the guard behind me and I am once again led from the room back to my little dark cell.

Being locked up in a dark cell does things to your mind. Makes you crazy. Mad. Insane.

But not me. Never me.

* * *
You watch as Schuyler is led from the room once more. Adam and Scott remain sitting at the table. You wish you could get into their lab to see how the Glimmer was created, but you know that’s impossible. Besides, you have your story to write and publish for the public. They’ll love this. It’s one of those true stories that’s just too sensational to believe. The public just loves those types of stories. This one will make you famous. It has to.

“At least we now know how Dr. Harris died,” Adam says softly.

Scott nods. “That we do. I never thought it was suicide, but I guess it was. Poor man.”

“Is our lab ready for Schuyler to show us?” Adam asks.

“I hope so. I told Andria and Jerry to have everything ready by tonight so we could go over everything. I’m just glad we had the blueprints of the devices Curt and Eleanna drew up.”

“You never did tell me how you acquired those blueprints.”

You can’t see it, but you can hear Scott grinning as he replies. “A nice little bet Curt couldn’t resist. Trust me, you don’t want to know the details, but it was just one of those things he couldn’t resist.”

“There wasn’t much Curt could resist,” Adam says dryly as he gathers up his papers. “So. We’re all ready for Schuyler?”

“Yes. I’ve told Andria and Jerry they won’t be needed for a while since we did want to conduct our experiment in secret.”

“Great. Let’s go, then. This place gives me the creeps. I feel like I’ve been watched the entire time.”

“Come to think of it, I feel the same way, too. It is a little creepy.”

You smile to yourself as the two men leave. You can’t wait until they see tomorrow’s paper. You’re sure your story will be front page news. You’ve always wanted to uncover the doings of those four scientists. You’ve always wanted to destroy them for destroying your love for science and technology. This will get them up in arms against you, but they won’t be able to touch you. The public will love your story and they’ll stand by you. Adam and Scott will be arrested for their unethical practices and you’ll be a hero.

You can see tomorrow’s headline now:

The Glimmer From Earth, Is it Really True? By Nikolay Rogers.

You smile and, finally, it’s your turn to leave the room and the prison.

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