Glimmer, part 13

Nolton-Coris Lab, Eddara City, Terrastis

Schuyler was escorted to the Nolton-Coris Lab by the same guard who had escorted him up and down that hall in the prison. The lab looked no different from any of the others, but it was smaller. Rather than being a network of smaller labs, this one was a single lab used solely by the two men he had told his story to.

The two men stood at the entrance when Schuyler and the guard arrived, Schuyler’s arms still bound. Both men had dark eyes, but one was darker haired than the other. The one to the right wore the glasses that had always glinted in the dim light of the interrogation room. Both wore the white coats Schuyler had become familiar with.

“Welcome to Nolton-Coris Lab, Schuyler,” the one with the glasses said cordially. “I’m Dr. Adam Connors and this is my partner Dr. Scott Larkin. We’re pleased you agreed to come to our lab.”

Schuyler didn’t make any reply.

“Let’s go in,” Dr. Larkin said pleasantly, as though he were giving a guided tour. “This way.”

The four of them entered the lab. Just as on Earth, it was a silver setting, but with several Cryma-Crystal pieces of furniture mixed in. The two doctors led Schuyler over to a table where a young man lay unconscious. The guard remained behind at the doors, just inside the lab.

“This is our subject,” Dr. Larkin said, introducing the unconscious man.

“If we unbind your arms, will you agree to not be destructive?” Dr. Connors asked.

“Do I have a choice?” was Schuyler’s only reply.

“Not really,” Dr. Larkin replied as he walked off to gather trays of instruments and devices. “You won’t be destructive. If you are, we’ll just bind you again, possibly among other things.”

Dr. Connors beckoned for the guard, a set of clothes in his hands. Together, the two of them released Schuyler and the Glimmer let his now free arms swing down limply. The guard retreated back to the doors, keeping a wary eye on the Glimmer. Schuyler quickly pulled on the clothes the doctor handed him, a loose shirt and pants. Dr. Connors waited patiently as Schuyler clothed himself and then led him over to the unconscious man.

Schuyler knew that this was the only opportunity he would have to escape and return to Earth to find Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell. And the only way he could escape was to keep the pace as slow as he could possibly make it. Every day, a man dressed in dark blue had entered his cell and had injected something into him. It prevented him from glimmering. He knew that it was still in effect and had to slow the two doctors down enough in order for the substance to wear off. Then he would escape before it could be administered again. He would have mere split seconds.

“We have the blueprints for the devices Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell used, so were able to recreate them. What do we do first?” Dr. Larkin asked pleasantly as he set a tray down on a table next to the unconscious man.

“Mostly kill him,” Schuyler replied emotionlessly.

“With what?” Dr. Larkin asked.

“Phasis poison injected directly into the bloodstream.”

“Phasis poison?” Dr. Connors repeated. “I’ve never heard of it.”

“Do you have phanin leaves, anasis flowers, and sallis fluid?”

“Yes,” Dr. Larkin replied slowly. “Do we take all the fluids and mix them together?”

“Yes. It is a very slow acting poison that must be injected a drop at a time. It is very potent and must therefore be injected slowly. You need a tracking device that will tell you how far along he is as you slowly kill him.”

“I think we have that,” Dr. Larkin said. “Dr. Connors, would you prepare the poison while I hook our subject up to the device?”

Dr. Connors nodded and headed off to find what he needed for the poison. Before departing to find the needed device, Dr. Larkin had Schuyler sit on a table next to the unconscious man.

Schuyler wasn’t sure how long he sat there, but he didn’t really care. All he was doing was biding his time until he regained his glimmering ability. It was the only useful thing Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell had given him. He knew he could probably kill the doctors and all the guards, but he still needed his glimmering ability if he was going to escape.

“What do we do next?” Dr. Connors asked, breaking into Schuyler’s thoughts.

Schuyler looked up and saw that the tracking device had been hooked up to the man and they were in the process of injecting the phasis poison into his bloodstream.

“Brain surgery,” Schuyler replied tonelessly. “Destroy the limbic system, but don’t touch the amygdala. Inject a solution of cornallis and diluted tempra into the amygdala.”

“What will that do?” Dr. Connors asked as he picked up several vials to read the labels.

Schuyler shrugged. “That is what Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell said to do as they worked on Jen. I was not given any explanations. There was no need for any.”

The two doctors traded glances and then shrugged.

Dr. Larkin found the tempra and left to dilute it. Dr. Connors found the cornallis and poured it into another vial until Schuyler told him to stop. Then Dr. Larkin added the diluted tempra. They set the vial away from the others.

“When do we perform brain surgery?” Dr. Connors asked.

“When he’s nearly dead.”

“What happens afterwards?”

“You will insert all the devices you have blueprints for into his brain and you will inject three different fluids into the brain. The first is a solution of sea water and phanin syrup. The second is pure crysallisis. The third is diluted anasis syrup, sallis fluid, cornallis fluid, and embray nyab fluid.”

The two doctors looked at each other.

“This is going to take much longer than we thought it would,” Dr. Connors said wearily.

“Dr. Tobias said we had been in the lab for two months,” Schuyler said.

“This is going to take two months, isn’t it?” Dr. Larkin said. His partner nodded. “Are we done after we put everything into this man’s head?”


“Great. Two more months to go.”

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