Glimmer, part 15

Nolton-Coris Lab

“Did you see this?” Dr. Connors exclaimed angrily as he read the morning newspaper on his computer. “That Nikolay Rogers.”

“See what?” Dr. Larkin asked, walking over to his partner’s desk. “What’s Nik done this time?”

“Defiled our good names, that’s what!”

“Get up, Adam. Let me see for myself.”

“Go ahead. It’s right there.”

Dr. Connors vacated his seat and stood behind his chair as his partner sat down and began to read through the story.

Schuyler still sat on the table next to the unconscious man the two doctors were still in the process of killing. He watched as Dr. Larkin’s face clouded with anger, contempt, and disgust. Schuyler didn’t really care, though. The doctors had forgotten to inject him with the substance that stifled his glimmering ability. He felt that he would be able to glimmer very soon. He was merely biding his time.

He looked at the man lying on the other table and wondered if they would ever meet, assassin to assassin, one day.

“I don’t believe that man,” Dr. Larkin said angrily through gritted teeth. “He has no right.”

“If we don’t do something fast, the EPRC will be knocking at our doors,” Dr. Connors said nervously as he began pacing behind his partner.

“Calm yourself, Adam. We need to think.”

A knock came at the door.

“Too late!” Dr. Connors shouted.

Dr. Larkin quickly turned to face the guard still standing at the doors. “Don’t open the doors!”

It was too late. A group of men and women in neat dark suits flooded into the room and the two doctors did their best to paint on surprised and innocent smiles.

“Good morning,” Dr. Connors said, trying to sound cheerful. “What can we do for you?”

“Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin?” one of the men said. “You have been summoned to appear before the Ethical Practices and Regulations Commission to defend your practices in this lab.”

“EPRC?” Dr. Larkin said, a flabbergasted look on his face. “What have we done wrong?”

“Nikolay Rogers’s article this morning prompted us to look into your practices here, Dr. Larkin. We need you to defend your research and developments before we can allow you to work here again.”

“Nik’s always had it in for us,” Dr. Connors said with a small smile. “We haven’t done anything that would merit investigation.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.” The man looked pointedly over at the unconscious man. Then he nodded to a few people. “There’s the Glimmer. Get him.”

Three people advanced towards Schuyler. The Glimmer only smiled. He knew the substance had just worn off and he was now free to glimmer.

“Glimmer,” he whispered to himself as the trio approached him.

Coris Hill, Eddara City

Schuyler appeared on the forested hill behind the Nolton-Coris Lab. He leaned against the tree and folded his arms, his eyes trained on the front side of the building, waiting to see the doctors emerge with the people presumably from the EPRC. He needed to remember to thank Nikolay Rogers. The man’s article had angered the doctors enough that they had forgotten him and their need to conceal him and the unconscious man before the EPRC arrived. They had also forgotten to stifle his glimmering ability. Yes, Nikolay Rogers was to be thanked.

“Schuyler,” a soft emotionless voice said.

He turned and watched as Jen came to stand beside him, the gentle wind plucking at her long loose gown. Her hair was in disarray and singed at the ends and her face was smudged. But he was glad to see one of his fellow assassins after so long.

“We’ve been trying to find you,” she said. “Where have you been?”

“Here. Trapped. Locked up. A prisoner. How did you find me?”

“We couldn’t find you on Earth,” Dionysius said as he glimmered to stand on the other side of Schuyler. Erika appeared next to him. “We’re done there. We went looking for you everywhere else.”

“We arrived here and felt someone glimmer,” Erika finished. “We came here.”

“What are you doing here?” Dionysius asked tonelessly.

Schuyler nodded to the lab as a large group of people streamed out. He could see the two doctors in the middle of the group. The unconscious man was wheeled out behind the doctors.

“I was locked up. Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin found me. They demanded to know how I became the Glimmer. I told them. They brought me to Nolton-Coris Lab. They started doing what Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell did to us. The Ethical Practices and Regulations Commission is taking them away. Have you found Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell?”

“No,” Jen replied. “Who are Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin?”

“Don’t know. They’re like Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell. They want to create assassins like us. They are being dealt with.”

“Good,” Erika said.

“I must thank Nikolay Rogers. Something he wrote about the two doctors made them mad enough to forget me and prompted the Ethical Practices and Regulations Commission to take them away. That time made it possible for me to be able to glimmer again. I glimmered here.”

“What do we do now?” Jen asked.

“We tear apart the universe to find Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell. They must die. I will go to Nikolay Rogers. You will begin the Apocalypse here. A world with scientists like Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin must be destroyed.”

The three assassins glimmered out to begin their destruction. Schuyler glimmered a moment later and appeared in a darkened room.

It was a small room lit only by the glowing computer screen stretched across the desk. A man sat staring at the screen and he turned slowly when he felt a presence behind him. He stood quickly when he caught sight of Schuyler.

“The Glimmer,” he whispered.

“Nikolay Rogers,” Schuyler replied tonelessly.

“Yes. What can I do for you?”

“Thank you.”

“For what?” Nikolay replied, frowning in confusion.

“What you wrote. It gave me time to get free. You must flee now.”

“Flee? Why?”

“We will start the Apocalypse here. You must leave. You saved me and another man. You saved everyone from Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin. I will save you. But I will likely kill you the next time I see you.”

Nikolay stared at him. “Okay. Okay, I’ll go. And I swear you’ll never see me again.”

Schuyler’s only reply was to glimmer out.

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