Glimmer, part 16

Eddara City Explosives Lab, Eddara City

Schuyler looked around. It wasn’t the sort of lab he had expected. There were no tables, but there were plenty of computers. Devices of all sorts were lying around, none of them touching. The scientists were not wearing the usual white coats, but silver body suits with Cryma-Crystal masks.

The seven scientists turned to look at him in surprise as he appeared in their midst. All of them stilled immediately.

“What is this place?” Schuyler asked.

“It’s the Glimmer,” one of the scientists whispered to no one in particular. Several of the other scientists nodded jerkily, all too frightened to move.

“What is this place?” Schuyler repeated, taking a step towards them.

“Eddara City Explosives Lab,” one bold scientist replied.

Schuyler nodded. “Good. You will leave now.”

None of the scientists moved. Schuyler stepped towards them, a hand outstretched threateningly, until they turned and ran from the lab, each remembering Nikolay Rogers’s article describing how the Glimmer murdered people. Just as the last scientist left, the other three assassins glimmered in.

“What is this?” Jen asked.

“Eddara City Explosives Lab.”

The four assassins didn’t look at each other. Instead, they immediately headed off to different parts of the lab, looking for the most potent looking explosives. When they found what they thought would be useful, they glimmered out with the explosives in tow. Schuyler, though, remained behind.

Rather than glimmer out with explosives like his fellow assassins did, he gathered as many as he cared to and put them into a pile in the middle of the lab. He found the controls to one of them and thought that the explosion of one would set off the others.

Schuyler grinned for the first time since he had become the Glimmer. A faint twinkle could be seen in his eyes, if there had been anyone left in the lab to see. He pressed the five silver buttons on the control and five of the explosives were set off. Just as Schuyler had wanted, the other explosives followed suit.

“Glimmer,” he said to himself as the lab exploded.

* * *
Floating. Always floating. Could glimmer. Space is nice. Quiet and calm. Can watch Terrastis explode. Don’t know where the others are. Don’t really care. Cool and quiet. Always serene.

Just floating. Waiting. What will happen next?

Must find Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell. Must kill. Must seek revenge. That is all I do. Always kill.

Not crazy. Never crazy. Not human. Can’t be crazy. Never me.

Stopped Dr. Connors and Dr. Larkin. Nikolay Rogers. Good man. Like Dr. Harris. Dr. Harris tried. Failed. Always failure.

Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell still out there. Must find them. Must kill them.

They did this to me. Must pay for what they did.

Not mad. Never mad. Madness is for humans. Stark raving mad is for humans. Not human. Never me.

Time to kill again soon. Always kill. All I live for. Immortal. Can’t die. Must kill. Murder.

Always have my mind. Always kill. Can’t die. Immortal. Never crazy. Craziness is for humans. Humans locked in little dark cells. Being locked up in a dark cell does things to your mind. But not to me. Never me.

Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell did this to me. They must pay.

Never crazy.

Not me.

I am the Glimmer.

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