Glimmer, part 5

How was she turned into an assassin? one asks when I pause.

Answer the question, two says when I still remain silent.

Jen…Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell half killed her.

What do you mean? two asks.

Just that. They began to kill her, but stopped short of actually killing her. It is difficult to explain.

Try your best, one urges. How did they kill her?

They put something into her, injected it into her bloodstream. It is easier to show. After they had half killed her, they began injecting fluids and miniscule chips into her head. She remained still, never moving. After they finished, she woke up a little while later…
* * *

“Take a blood test,” Dr. Tobias ordered.

Dr. Russell stepped up to Jen and drew blood. A few minutes later, she called Dr. Tobias over to her worktable.

“Subject six: Jenia. She’s part Glimmer like Mari.”

Dr. Tobias’s shoulders slumped. “We did exactly what we did to Schuyler.”

His partner shook her head. “Not quite, Dr. Tobias.” She pointed to her computer screen, where Schuyler couldn’t see. “This shows that we stopped killing Jen just short of where we stopped with Schuyler, in the exact place we stopped with Mari. If we had gone a little further, we could have turned her into a Glimmer.”

“Maybe next time,” Dr. Tobias said optimistically.

Dr. Russell nodded and both turned back to Jen and Schuyler. Dr. Russell went to Jen and helped her up. She placed a disk on Jen’s temple and told her it would allow her and Dr. Tobias to command her. Then she handed Jen a navy blue suit and led her down the hall. Schuyler was dismissed and headed back to his room…
* * *

Just a moment, two says.

I turn to look at him sharply. My eyes had been trained on the deep shadows behind them.

You said Dr. Tobias had told you it had been two months since your arrival. How long was Jen there?

I can’t give an exact time frame, I reply flatly. It took a long time for them to kill her. They went about it very slowly. When they were finished for the day, I was sent back to my room. When they were ready to begin again, I was called back.

Did you sleep? one asks.

No. I don’t believe I did.

Continue, one says.

I heard silence for a while. Then there were footsteps and a door opening and closing. One set of footsteps headed back to the lab. I heard more silence afterwards for a long time.
* * *

Your eyes narrow in the darkness, watching the three figures. You can clearly see Schuyler’s face as he describes Jen’s transformation into an assassin. The other two men remain mysteries to you, but they seem familiar, very familiar.

You wonder who they could be. Former neighbors, old classmates perhaps?

But you decide it doesn’t matter. They don’t notice you. The Glimmer can’t see you in the deep shadows. No one knows you’re there.

You hastily turn your mind back to the story, the tiny recording device in your palm documenting every word, every sound.

You listen every now and then, but the device catches it all. It won’t be hard to write everything down. What an exciting story this will make. It only cost about a few million dollars to bribe the guards to let you in and stick a thought recording device on the Glimmer’s head, covered by his hair, and another few million to remain inside. Well worth the trouble, you hope.

The men suddenly stand and Schuyler is dismissed. You quickly press a button on the recording device in your hand so Schuyler’s thoughts will be recorded. The two men in suits leave and the light clicks off. The door shuts with a soft bang and you quietly settle yourself in the corner to listen to Schuyler’s thoughts.

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