Glimmer, part 7

What was it like to kill your family? one interrupts.

It was no different from killing President Claymore. I reached into them and squeezed their hearts until I was sure they were dead.

Did you feel anything? two asks.

I felt the insides of their bodies, was my only reply.

That’s not exactly what I meant, Schuyler, two says. But I suppose that’s the best answer you can give us.

It is.

Very well, one says. What happened after you killed them all?

I appeared next to my wife first and made quick work of it. Then I headed down the hall to my son. My daughter’s room is the furthest from my bedroom, so she was the last one I came to. Without hesitation, I plunged my hand into her, but couldn’t let go of her heart. I squeezed and pulled it right out of her body…

* * *
Schuyler looked down at his hand and then immediately dropped what had been his daughter’s beating heart. His eyes followed the heart as it tumbled down to the carpet. Then his eyes snapped up to look at his daughter’s face, frozen in horror and pain as her lifeless blue eyes so like his own stared up at him.

What had he done?

It felt like his mind was shattering. It felt like everything had come loose inside him and was tumbling past each other in an attempt to regain order. A battle had been unleashed in his mind and it wouldn’t end. He would never know how it had happened, but he felt the faintest stirrings of insanity inside of himself. He felt the faintest twinge of humanity.

And then he snapped…

His family was dead. He had killed them.

With a hoarse cry deep in his throat, he glimmered out of his former home and appeared in Jen’s room.

She swiftly stood and he grabbed her wrist. They glimmered out, only to reappear in Dionysius’s room. Schuyler grasped his wrist in his other hand and they glimmered into Erika’s room.

“Grab her,” Schuyler growled to Jen.

Jen reached out and grabbed Erika’s wrist before they glimmered out. They reappeared in the lab.

Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell stood quickly to stare at them in shock.

“What’s going on?” Dr. Tobias demanded.

Schuyler released Jen’s and Dionysius’s wrists. He took a step towards Dr. Tobias.

“You killed us,” Schuyler growled, slowly walking towards Dr. Tobias.

When he came up against the doctor’s desk, he grasped the edge of it. Dr. Russell turned to look at her partner, her eyes wide, her breath coming in quick pants. Panic was clear in her face.

“Do something, Curt!” she cried out in a frightened voice.

“Stop this now, Schuyler!” Dr. Tobias demanded, slamming his fist down onto his desk.

“You killed us,” Schuyler repeated, his hands tightening around the desk edge.

“Glimmer, Schuyler!” Dr. Tobias shouted. He reached for a small black device and frantically pushed at the buttons on it. “Glimmer, Schuyler! Glimmer, Erika! Glimmer, all of you!”

“What’s going on?” Dr. Russell screamed as Jen, Erika, and Dionysius closed in around her.

“Schuyler’s device has malfunctioned and the strength of his tampered signal is affecting the others in the same way. I can’t do anything.” Dr. Tobias continued to uselessly pound at his device, his eyes flying up to Schuyler every few seconds.

“You killed us,” Schuyler said one last time before shoving the desk over onto Dr. Tobias. The doctor screamed and was buried under the papers, computer, and desk.

Schuyler heard another scream and looked over to see the others had tipped over Dr. Russell’s desk onto her. The four of them came back together and joined hands.

“Glimmer,” Schuyler said softly.

They turned hazy and then vanished…

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