Glimmer, part 8

We didn’t know where we were going, had no idea where we would reappear. One of us would think of something and we would reappear there, or so we assumed.

So you had no idea where you would be, one states, for confirmation.

None whatever.

What were your options? one asks.

To get out, escape.

What about Mari? two asks.

We never thought of Mari, only ourselves.

What happened to you after you left the lab? one asks.

We appeared in Central Park. It was night and there was no one out. It must have been in those hours between midnight and dawn when no one is outside. None of us knew what to do, or even what had happened. We stood there for a while, just looking around. Then a man in a white lab coat stepped out from behind a tree and walked towards us…

* * *
He was a tall man with graying brown hair and soft brown eyes with a hint of concern, but no fear. He seemed to know them, or what they were, at least. He wore a dark brown suit and his lab coat was a stark contrast to the darkness of his clothes.

“From Shyan Lab, I presume,” he said in a soft, cultured voice.

“Yes,” Schuyler replied curtly.

“I thought so. I am Dr. Tyler Harris, from Nyan Lab. I was once colleagues with Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell. They were bent on the destruction of the world and were determined to create minions who would do the dirty work for them. They loved each other, but hated all of humankind.”

Dr. Harris came to stop before them, his eyes regarding each of them in turn.

“I always expected something like this,” he said quietly. “Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell were always bound to fail. I know you weren’t sent out to kill me. You wouldn’t have hesitated if you had been. No, you have come to escape them, haven’t you? I am familiar with the devices Dr. Tobias must have put into you to control you. He developed it when he worked in Nyan Lab. He was so proud of it. I hated him then and knew he would try something like this. In secret, I developed a signal tracking device in the hopes of stopping him. My device can track the signals Dr. Tobias’s emits and, tonight, it detected a disturbance. The device in one of you shattered and it affected all the other devices in the general vicinity. All of you hate Dr. Tobias and Dr. Russell, that is plain to see. You seek revenge, I am certain. I will help you. Come with me to Nyan Lab and I will see what I can do.”

Without glancing at each other, and still holding hands, they followed Dr. Harris. The five of them silently wound through the empty New York City streets and walkways before reaching a great silver building surrounded by a complex mesh of gates and fences. Dr. Harris put out his hand and held it under a faint green light protruding from the mesh. They heard a high pitched beep, saw the light turn lavender, and watched as a door slid open. The assassins followed the doctor through…

* * *
Okay, that’s enough, Schuyler, two says tiredly.

Yes, I think we’ve had enough for the day, one agrees. We’ll continue where we left off tomorrow.

I nod and stand. A guard standing behind me takes my arm and I am led from the room.

* * *
You watch as Schuyler is escorted from the room. You expect the other two men to stand and leave as well, but they don’t. One of them stretches and the other leans back. They don’t look like they’re leaving just yet.

You shrug and press a button on your recording device to record Schuyler’s thoughts before turning your attention to the two men You wonder what they’re up to now.

“What do you think of his story?” the man to your right asks.

“I don’t know yet,” the other admits, tapping a pen against his hand. “It sounds like Curt and Eleanna, all right.”

“What about Tyler?”

“I never knew him well. He worked here only briefly. But he seemed like a good man. It’s a shame he died. Maybe Schuyler will know how he died.”

“Maybe.” He was silent for several minutes and the other man didn’t say anything, clearly waiting for his partner. “You know, Scott, this man has the potential to rip apart our own world. If he gets his temper up, we won’t be able to hold him.”

“All we can do is try our best, Adam. Later we’ll get Schuyler into a lab and he can show us how Curt and Eleanna turned them into assassins. He can help us.”

You narrow your eyes. You do know these men. But who they are, exactly, still eludes you. You grow frustrated as you listen closely and think furiously. Who are these men?

“Maybe we can find the others,” Adam says quietly. “With all of them and the ones we’ll hopefully be able to create, we can eliminate our enemies and free our world.”

“But we risk destroying our world.”

“I know. But this might be our only choice, not to mention our only chance.”

“Perhaps. Let’s sleep on it, shall we?”

“Sounds good to me.”

The two men rise, click off the light, and leave. You are left in the dark, alone with your thoughts, and a shiver runs through you.

Adam Connors and Scott Larkin. It has to be them. Scientists like Curt Tobias and Eleanna Russell, though a little more deliberate and cautious. The four of them, and you, had been classmates at the Federation University. Curt and Eleanna were much rasher than Adam and Scott. You had always fallen in the middle between the two pairs. You had dropped out of the science and technology school to be a journalist because they had destroyed the wonder of science for you. Adam and Scott had come here and Curt and Eleanna had gone to Earth. But all four of them had wanted immortal assassins. With Curt and Eleanna gone, Adam and Scott would be free to use their technology and developments… for what exactly?

You don’t know, but it can’t be any good. All four of them were never up to much good.

With a bad, sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, you sink deep into your corner and try to sleep, but that’s impossible when you feel so wide awake. And terrified.

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