Guess I missed Thursday

Well. It’s Thursday and I was supposed to post something about my Dark Saga. But I lost power this morning, so that didn’t happen. Funny thing is, I was going to write about weather, and I have to blame this wretched east coast weather for the power outage. It’s still Thursday, but I’m exhausted, so maybe I’ll scrape something together for tomorrow instead.


  1. Brokenhorn

    That’s unfortunate! I’m looking forward to seeing what tomorrow holds! It seems that I’m just on the outside of all the weather, though ice and snow have paid very brief visits to my area, it hasn’t been enough to cause any power outages in my immediate vicinity.

    • katpersephone

      You’re very lucky! It seems I can’t go a week without some weather catastrophe, and my area isn’t even supposed to be in the middle of it all. But it does make me think about writing varying weather patterns into my stories…

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