Happy Birthday, Furbaby!

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for another motherhood related post. But it’s also October, which means my furbaby is a year older.

I don’t post about her often, but this furbaby is a sometimes affectionate, sometimes feisty, mostly skittish cat named Xena (yes, after the warrior princess, except we call her warrior kitty).

When she was born 6 years ago, we thought my husband was allergic to cats and were saving up for a hypoallergenic breed. But, by the time she was 3 months and adoptable, we learned he wasn’t, as long as we never let the cat outside.

I love cats, so was ecstatic to learn we didn’t have to wait and keep saving. Our first trip to the humane society was a disappointment, though. All the kittens had already been adopted. They told us to return a few days later, though, so I did.

Xena had just turned 3 months along with a sister and two brothers. We wanted a girl and the sister was, oh, about 10 times more skittish. So, after a quick phone call to my husband, Xena became ours.

She wasn’t our first baby. There was a very short-lived fish (still no clue why he died) and a hamster (we think the cat gave her a heart attack, so sometimes feel guilty about bringing a cat home). But she was the first we got to snuggle with.

The first who slept in strange positions.


The first who kept us up at night because we forgot toys with bells are loud at 2 in the morning.


She’s been a true trooper since she became our furbaby. She’s traveled by car and plane. She’s lived in 4 different homes in 3 different states. She now lives about 3,000 miles away from where she was born. But, most of all, she’s survived becoming an older sister twice. Seriously, her human siblings are intrigued, but not always nice. Though they could both say kitty before mama, so I’m a little miffed at this ball of fur sometimes.


But it’s October and it’s her birthday. We don’t know exactly when she was born, so we spend the whole month giving her extra treats.

Happy birthday, furbaby! We look forward to at least another 6 years of watching you grow up with your human brother and sister.

I promise they’ll get nicer.

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