Happy Fathers Day! Reflections on Pregnancy Discrimination at Work Places in the US

Hi All! Happy Father’s Day to all! Upon reflection, Father’s day is really, for me, about my children and my wife. My wife does some incredible work with our kids. They are good…but they are also young and learning how to be. Today, in that spirit, I leave you all with a NYTimes story on discrimination against pregnant women. There are several class action lawsuits against some major companies that espouse “family friendly” environments. Being a parent, is something important…as without the next generation, there would be no workforce or voting blocks! But this is really a digression. The article below details what was discussed in several of my post – indirectly – regarding the real double standards that exist. I look forward to learning about the outcomes of these court battles. Being sick and being pregnant are not crimes; it doesn’t mean you will not get work done; it does not mean you are lazy; it does not mean your brain is as good.

Life is a wonderful struggle. However, in this day and age when companies are making enormous profits, they can afford to take care of their employees. To me, this type of discrimination is reprehensible. I almost wonder if society, especially our capitalistic society, should go on a nation wide strike for a single day to remind companies, that without good people, they are nothing. Good people come from all walks of life. Whether you are a single mom or dad, married, divorced…whatever, I wish you a happy father’s day. Please enjoy the article which is linked here. Have a wonderful weekend.

Until next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel! Live long and prosper.

-The Husband


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