Happy Halloween! (revisited)

Since I’m about to start a week-long blogging break and next Saturday is Halloween, I thought I’d share this poem again. Happy Halloween!

Originally posted October 31, 2018

I’m not a fan of autumn. Halloween is not a favorite holiday. But over 10 years ago I wrote this poem on a pumpkin.

A Halloween Nightmare

You’re one step away from the doorstep.
You take that step and suddenly—
You’re in a dark, forbidding forest.
Branches wave in the frigid wind.
They look like fingers reaching—
Reaching to tear life from you.
It grows darker and colder.
The forest is lit by only the white moon.
A high, sharp cackle fills the air.
You shiver and turn about.
Where am I, you wonder.
An eerie silence falls.
Then a howl breaks that silence.
A shriek fills the air to your right.
You turn and see bats flying up.
A drop like rain hits your face.
You wipe it off.
A drop of scarlet blood.
You scream…
And awaken from the nightmare.
Please proceed to…
Welcome, human.
Kindly Enter.

Over 10 years ago, I didn’t care for Halloween. Reading this poem now, I’m not sure I actually understand it. But this year I’m dressing up 2 toddlers as Link and Rapunzel and taking them to their third Halloween event. They were so cute last year! What about you?

Help…drowning in candy and cavities…

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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