How Does She Sleep Like That?

For about 5 years now I have watched my cat sleep. Like all cats, Xena enjoys contorting herself, if she’s not finding the strangest hiding places.

For years, this has been her favorite sleeping position, and I always wonder, “how is that even comfortable?!” But she’s a cat, so I guess she must be comfortable.


Until today I had a hard time getting a picture of it. She would always uncurl to glare at me for waking her up. Just trying to get a picture, cat!

But now with two small children who are fascinated by her, she doesn’t get as much sleep as she used to. Needless to say, Xena is usually tuckered out all day. Sometimes she hides and sleeps, sometimes she curls up at the top of her tree. But at least once a day I catch her sleeping on her head.

Why, cat, why?


  1. jennifermzeiger

    Lol =) My grandma used to claim that if they’re really sleeping on their head, then a storm’s going to roll in soon. I haven’t paid close enough attention to see if it’s true though. I guess if your cat does this daily, it can’t be true. =)

    • kat

      Haha! If only that were true! California would be worrying about floods instead of droughts. I really have no idea why she sleeps like that, but she seems comfortable.

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