I Have a Bad Habit of… Commenting

I know. It sounds weird. But it’s true.

As a mom of 2, I get no more than 4 hours a day to myself (meaning the kids are either napping or in bed for the night and I’m still up wondering when the baby is going to wake up). And what do I do?

Well, I comment. I can’t help myself.

Instead of writing my own posts (as I repeatedly promise myself I will. But, hey, look! I’m writing a post right now!), I am scrolling through the Reader and leaving comments left and right.

Now, I don’t do this every day. Maybe 4-5 days a week. Okay, maybe 6. But, ssh, don’t let my unwritten posts hear that!

Which got me thinking. I think I have an unhealthy attachment to commenting. But it’s so hard not to when a post is asking for one (sometimes literally!). But I spend so much of my free time leaving comments. And it’s not even to try to draw readers and commenters to my own blog (though I do thank you from the bottom of my heart if you do decide to take a little peek). It’s because there are so many people that write something that resonates with my heart.

But sometimes I overdo it. Why, today alone I lost count. I kept telling myself just 5, but lost count after 3, while I continued reading and commenting.

Fortunately, I do schedule my posts weeks in advance, so I have plenty of breathing room. But sometimes it means I don’t have time to read other posts.

Deep breath.

I love your blog. I love what you write. I’m itching to comment. But sometimes I can’t and won’t let myself. As my kids get older, I have more things to do (like freak out that my baby boy is starting Kindergarten next year and even though it’s still far away my brain can’t wrap itself around that thought). I still read your lovely posts. I still drown in your beautiful words. But I need to be mindful of my time.

So if I regularly comment on your blog, I’m sorry to say it may not continue. I’ll still comment (never fear!), but likely not as much as I have.

I have a habit of commenting instead of doing something else. I need to do something about it before it gets worse.

As I said, I love your blog and I love what you write. But I have a habit to break and need to be productive elsewhere.I


Please tell me I’m not the only one. (And, no, I’m not asking for comments! Just if you have the time.)

  1. brookejcutler

    And so, as I embark on a blog a day in May, the very first thing I do when I open Word Press is… read this post and COMMENT! Too, too funny! I also am a Mum of two little people and all the busy is just…epic! Perhaps I, too, should stop commenting so much! Ha ha!

    • kat

      Haha! It’s just so much easier to read and comment. I’m looking forward to your daily posts this month, so I probably won’t be able to help myself and will be commenting! Habits are hard to break!

      • brookejcutler

        Ha ha! How bout this: just for you, I’ll try to make the posts so terrible you’ll quickly want to move on without commenting! 😂😉

    • kat

      Yes, it is! And it’s so much easier and tons more fun to read and comment than write posts. Why must people write such interesting things?

  2. Kelsey Penn

    I have the opposite problem! Also a mom of two munchkins, barely keeping my head high enough above water to spit out words for my own blog, I feel a deep sense of guilt that I don’t comment enough on other people’s hard work. I’ve created this tiny little writing bubble around myself…probably a subconscious ego shield. How about if I help balance you out by commenting more?? Haha!!

  3. MS//Mommy

    I love your comments, but I totally understand how much of a time sink they are. I feel like I am a terrible blogger because I have a hard time responding or even engaging with other bloggers outside of my own blog. I keep hoping that I will be better “tomorrow” or “next week.” But I respect that you recognized needing to take a step back and refocus your energy! That’s only going to work out for the best – you’ll put all that energy where you need it and it’ll pay out ten-fold. I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows. 😊

    • kat

      Thank you! I absolutely love your blog and I know habits are hard to break no matter how much they need to be, so I’ll probably find myself still leaving comment after comment for awhile. But I do hope I can refocus soon since it’s so easy to see time slipping away when there’s only so much. Sometimes it’s good to not engage because I often find myself drowning in reading posts and notifications and solitude can go a long way in helping t to refocus.

  4. Association of Merry Makers

    I have the opposite problem. I was never a blog reader so now that we have our own, it’s a whole new world. It’s hard to open wordpress and go reading, especially knowing that I have TBR books.

    So I don’t read often. But when I do, I comment.

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