Insane Logic

The Lily Cafe is thrilled to present a surprise guest: The Husband, here today to talk about parenting. You can also now catch him now and then on Saturdays!

Life as a parent is never dull. This is especially true when one is the parent of a toddler. Our first born has some logic that he likes to use when answering questions or when asked to do something. For example:

Me: “Do you have to go peepee?”

Son: “No! Yes! I haven’t gone for five hours!”

He looks at me, then he does his version of the “peepee dance” and runs to the bathroom.

This is just one of many examples of the rather interesting logic that toddlers employ during their developmental process. In our home, we really do try, as I imagine many parents do, to provide unwavering support, love and encouragement. We don’t know where he got the “no.yes.” from but he uses this in his daily interactions with both his mom and me. Now, my wife, by virtue of the fact that she spends the most time with him, is used to this logic and has developed a system to communicate with him that he understands. I, on the other hand, spend mostly early mornings, evenings and weekends with him. That time is precious, but it is also filled with enigmas that are sometimes difficult to decipher.

My daughter is also similar in her rationale. As she crawls to the cat-tree, she then stands at the foot steps and spots a Brain Flake. She flops down to the floor and sits hard. Then she picks it up and stands back at the bottom of the steps of the cat-tree. At this point she looks at me.

I call her by her name and tell her “no, don’t do put it in your mouth.” She looks at me (she’s very cute, just like her momma) and smiles as she begins to put the brain flake in her mouth. I then ask her to please take it out. She smiles back and looks right at me. I call her by her name again and insist that she take it out. She smiles back and takes it out, only to put it right back in again. She smiles again. But this time she takes the brain flake out of her mouth. She drops it on the floor and crawls right to me. She grabs my knee and begins to pull herself up. Then she grabs my t-shirt, near the bottom, and pulls herself up to me. I am doomed. I was doomed to fail from the start…

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