Instafamous or Blissful Obscurity?

I saw a shirt in a children’s clothing store that read #instafamous. Perhaps you’ve seen it, too. Perhaps your child even has it. I’ve seen at least one toddler wearing it already.

But it made me stop and think, and what better day to ruminate on it than the one where I write about blogging and over sharing?

Today, children all over the world are plastered across the Internet. By their parents. Their images, names, birthdays, and even how they were born can be found all over social media. I’m not saying this is wrong or these parents are doing something shameful. What those parents choose to do is not my business. My children are my business, not someone else’s.

Do you remember a commercial from a few years ago where two or three (maybe four) kids were making an absolute mess in a beautiful white bathroom? Instead of intervening and disciplining and having their kids clean up, mom and dad were secretly recording this fiasco for the sole purpose of getting a million views on social media. I don’t think I was a mom just yet, but I was aghast. What kind of parent exploits their children in an attempt to go viral?

I don’t share my kids on anything but highly private social media for family and people I actually know in real life to see. I will not record their antics for the amusement of others. Instead, I will be teaching and disciplining.

I would rather my kids grow up in blissful obscurity than become instafamous. I believe my children deserve that. They deserve the chance to grow up completely unknown without the pressure of the world watching them. I don’t know what the world holds for them. What if they’re interviewing for a job in 20 years and the hiring manager finds a stupid video from when they were 3 and it impacts how they think of my child? I’m a long term thinker. I consider what might happen in 50 years. I won’t do something now that could potentially have an impact on the lives of those other than myself years from now.

If you choose to share your children online, I’m not saying you’re doing something wrong or shaming you. You do what you think is right for you, your family, and your children. I’m only doing the same for mine.

Unless my kids request otherwise, I will raise them in blissful obscurity. I will never share their personal information or their pictures.

2 thoughts

  1. I think it also shows how crazy we have become with social media. I’m not opposed to blogging about your children, but you really have to pay attention to how your using them online. Also, we have to protect them from perverts as well.

    I agree! We need to focus on raising them not getting a million likes.

    Too many people with their face plastered to their phone these days. Missing out on real life.

    1. Exactly! Kids need to be kept safe and raised properly, otherwise, when they’re older and in control, who knows what they’ll do!

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