Introducing: Raven

In brief:

Needle City is plagued by feuds. Crimes abound because of them. The Thief Lords and their underground exist because of them. The underground, though, isn’t without their own problems: it is the way of the four Thief Lords to constantly try to kill each other.

Against this backdrop, Raven has become the youngest and most powerful Thief Lord, her trusted friend and adviser Aven by her side. The nobility flock to her because of her skill and that of her followers. Fair to all, she has the largest following and is well protected, but that doesn’t stop the other Thief Lords from trying to get rid of her. Becoming wrapped up in one of the longstanding feuds the nobility thrives on and simultaneously evading death, Raven ends up losing Aven, and will stop at nothing to avenge his death at the hands of one nobleman.

This story is currently unfinished, but is very close to ending, and is somewhat edited. I would greatly appreciate any kind of feedback anyone might have. Anything from grammatical errors to major plot holes is very welcome! Title suggestions are also welcome.

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