Introducing: The Dark Saga

Back during the summer of 2006 (wow, that was quite some time ago) I had this dream about faeraes fighting against some sort of evil. I also saw the back of a paperback book where several books in the series were listed, so I knew I just had to write this story. It took me a few days, but I wrote out the story’s outline, divided it into books, and created the characters, races, and places. And then I let it sit around collecting dust, not much more than a niggling thought in the back of my mind. Now, years later, I’ve decided it’s time for me to finally get around to this one. I’ve also decided I could really use a new name for this series. Ideas are very welcome!

Centuries ago the faerae ruled the world, but in a brutal battle were overthrown by the druids, who now rule while the faerae no longer remember their royal past. Now, the wise sibyls feel an evil beginning to wind it’s way around the world and know only the rightful faerae queen can destroy it, if they can ever get the faerae back to the throne. The druids, though, will do anything to protect their seized throne, even making a pact with one of the Archons watching over the world. The Archon turns a druid child into a demigod, who will grow in power over the course of six lives. If his sixth life prevails over the faerae Queen, the druids will retain their power. The other Archons, though, recognize balance is necessary and select a powerful and talented faerae to be raised to immortality. It is her line that is destined to bear the faerae Queen, and it is her daughter and granddaughters who will fight against the druid child’s reincarnations.

As I endeavor to put this story into words on paper, I will be introducing you to this world, starting with various places next week. I’ll probably also post occasional excerpts as I go along, assuming, of course, I’m able to actually sit myself down to write out that darn outline I have sitting on my coffee table. Until next week!

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