It’s Awards and Blogging Challenges Month at The Lily Cafe

I’ve been so blessed and honored to be nominated for some blogging awards and challenges, and so has The Husband. We are incredibly grateful for the support, interest, and engagement we’ve received from everyone since we started in January. It’s been an incredible journey so far.

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on some of these for a couple of months, at least, not sure if I wanted to participate. Doing these takes time, which I sometimes don’t have with two little ones underfoot. Then again, I’m all for blogging engagement and recognition and there are so many lovely bloggers I’d love to highlight.

In the end, The Husband was nominated for a blogging challenge and started right away, so the decision was kind of made for me. Which is nice because I can’t even decide what’s for dinner!

So, for the month of June, instead of daily questions and maybe even regular posts, there will be awards/challenges dotted throughout. Be sure to check to see if you might be nominated considering, between the two of us, we’re nominating 30-40 wonderful bloggers. Though, whether you decide to participate is completely up to you. We just want to recognize you and your wonderful blogs!

We would also like to honorarily nominate two very lovely poets who have award free blogs, but who are incredibly wonderful bloggers and people. Their love story is heartwarming and beautiful and we are grateful for the opportunity to witness it and read absolutely stunning poetry. Thank you to the Lonely Author and Nandita for being such wonderful people with equally beautiful hearts!

Thank you so much to the wonderful bloggers who have nominated us, and we hope our nominees have as much as we are doing these awards and challenges!

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