Just a Quick Note for This Week



I’ve just come back from a blogging break, but circumstances I could not foresee have skewered my plans for this week. My family is fine, but an unpredictable event earlier today has taken a heavy mental, emotional, and, to a lesser degree, physical toll on me. I find I am currently unable to handle the demands of this blog for at least the next few days, but hope to be back to normal next week.

That said, I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow that will post on time. After that, though, I have nothing. I usually have posts ready for a week or two following my breaks, but everyone has been sick for 2 weeks, so I’m already behind. There were supposed to be 2 book reviews on Thursday, but I won’t be able to polish them in time. Instead, I plan to post them on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll also be slow to respond to comments and may not drop in on blogs much this week. I still read as many as I can, but won’t be able to comment much, though I assure you I will be reading; it’ll help my mind heal.

Here’s top hoping all will be back to normal on Monday.

Thank you.


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