Just a Quick Note for This Week



I’ve just come back from a blogging break, but circumstances I could not foresee have skewered my plans for this week. My family is fine, but an unpredictable event earlier today has taken a heavy mental, emotional, and, to a lesser degree, physical toll on me. I find I am currently unable to handle the demands of this blog for at least the next few days, but hope to be back to normal next week.

That said, I do have a post scheduled for tomorrow that will post on time. After that, though, I have nothing. I usually have posts ready for a week or two following my breaks, but everyone has been sick for 2 weeks, so I’m already behind. There were supposed to be 2 book reviews on Thursday, but I won’t be able to polish them in time. Instead, I plan to post them on Saturday and Sunday.

I’ll also be slow to respond to comments and may not drop in on blogs much this week. I still read as many as I can, but won’t be able to comment much, though I assure you I will be reading; it’ll help my mind heal.

Here’s top hoping all will be back to normal on Monday.

Thank you.

  1. brookejcutler

    Beautiful lady. X You’ve got this. Contact me via my ‘contact page’ email if you need a supportive ear. I mean it. All the love hearts. 💞Take all the time that you need. Brooke xx ❤️

    • kat

      Thank you so much, Brooke! It’s been a long, winding week, full of questions and a curious state of limbo. I’m just starting to process what happened, so I really appreciate it!

    • kat

      Thank you so much for your supportive words! We’re working hard to get back into the swing of things, and thanking our lucky stars we’re all okay. I’m hoping this blog and the beautiful community I’ve managed to find can help put the pieces back together. All of you are so lovely and I’m so incredibly grateful and thankful!

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